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Default Re: U.S destroying free speech?

In response to the "no nation owns the internet", again, this is clearly addressed in the bill. The corporations will only be able to effect sites which are illegally distributing US Copyright material. Other countries will only have to comply if they are hosting US Copyrighted material, which is frankly already the case with Youtube in other regions. For example, many high quality music videos on Youtube get blocked from German visitors because the local music copyright industry, GEMA, hasn't purchased the rights to play certain US Copyrighted songs within Germany.

Again, reading Fanfictions and browsing Fanart on Deviant aren't the targets of this bill. Many corporations actually support Fanfictions and Fan Art as a type of free publicity. Also, since most Fanfictioners and Deviant artists aren't making money off of their work, and are applying their own new interpretation to a currently existing idea, these are actually protected by Copyright Law under the term of Fair Use. PE2K probably won't be shut down either. I remember when the Gen V leaks came out, and several pokemon related sites were served a cease and desist letter from the North American division of Nintendo (I think. It was either Nintendo NA, or Game Freak NA. One of the head honchos.) It was well within their rights to do so, and they said they had no problem with fansites as long as they were willing to cooperate with Nintendo.
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