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Default Re: U.S destroying free speech?

Originally Posted by Max0596 View Post
I completely agree. Not only is this thier territory, but what gives them the right to infringe on my rights? I don't live in the country this might be passed in. So how do we not get a vote? Is the US that corrupt to think they own the internet? And if it does pass, the world's biggest riot will ensue. Not to mention that this will make the internet less safe, and that it'll take good-natured sites down for no reason. If it's copyrighted, it's gone. Fanfiction, forget about it.
I'm in the same boat as Max. If this bill is passed, it will no doubt affect us as well, and yet, we have NO say. It is, simply put, unfair that something this big is being considered without giving international users a chance to input their opinion. Sad, just sad. We have just as much right to... ugh! I digress on this point, for this is turning into a rant.

It's really late here, so I apologise if I'm not making much sense anymore, but I couldn't resist posting here any longer. But really, this is a slippery slope. If they get this passed, will they stop here? Not likely. What would come next? As people get de-sensitised to the idea of internet control, the government and corporations will only go further and further until this media becomes the next television. A few rich guys and maybe one federal entity controlling nearly everything we are allowed to access.

Gone will be the days of watching movie reviews or walkthroughs on Youtube. Reading stories on Fanfiction, viewing fan art on DeviantArt? Nothing but memories! Maybe even forums such as this would be cut. All of it wouldn't happen now, but watch, give it time...

Not even going to start on the material that the government and corporations don't, simply put, like.

I think this is probably a re-hash of what Lord Fedora said, but even so, it's something worth considering...

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