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Default Re: Nexen [RP]

Allen Whiteflower, Shiba Set, and Argeno Balk
Deviant Tungz, Tattu, and Graphix
Now leaving San Francisco, California(USA)
ARPers: Velocity(Daniel)

Al peered over the top of her hoodie's extended neck and smiled as Daniel broke the connection between his Sona and himself, reminding her to check in with Shiri soon. "A Graphix?" She asked, Argeno laughed at that.

"You gotta be careful with that stuff, kid. I should know, I'm--" Shiba interrupted, twisting back to slide the back window shut with finality before he finished speaking. "A Graphix myself. My name's Argeno Balk, and these two are about the two most important people in the world to me." Some of the tension seemed to leave his shoulders as he spoke.

"Allen Whiteflower, Tungz. Call me Al." Al offered quietly, still looking over the boy intently. Shiba grinned and reached around Al to pull up her right jacket sleeve to display the webwork of colorful tattoos covering her arm, most notably the pair of snakes that were intertwined up her arm from wrist to shoulder, one a vibrant red and the other a soothing green in color.

"That's a bit of Argeno's work, I'm Shiba Set. I'm a Tattu." She informed him with an ironic little smirk, as though she found her ink addiction and Deviant kind a funny coincidence.

Shiri Namida, Kari Penn, and Silverstreak Watermark
Umecit, Nexen
ARPers: Anyone fighting the Antitivity

Kari and Silverstreak glanced around as Veza spoke, noting the Antitivity were fleeing, Silverstreak sank back into Kari's skin, seeping through her jacket as though it wasn't there at all. Shiri looked around as well, eyeing the damage in disdain, she really did hate physical fighting... Her attention turned to Kari as the human Sona let out a soft laugh, noting that Silverstreak's image on her face was moving, settling back into place. "Dangit, Silverstreak, that tickles!" Kari accused.

/I cannot help that I feel uncomfortable in all but this one spot on your face./ Silverstreak shot back, earning another giggle from her as Veza asked about everyone else's well-being. They were fine--but then again, Shiri tended to stay out of action and Kari and Silverstreak tended to play it safe and used more long to mid range attacks than anything.

"We," The pink-haired Sona spoke up, indicating herself and the two other Sona who traveled with her "are perfectly fine. Nevermind Kari, once attached to her skin, any movement the dragon makes apparently tickles."

"We're glad to help--this is our main area of residence, it'd be a shame if it were to fall to the Antitivity." Kari piped up, grinning, while the silver tattoo's head on her face inclined and then returned to it's original position on her face, producing another round of giggles.

Ryza Hale and Nova Bard
WAE Graphix and Enginez
WAE Base, ?
ARPers: Sabi(Adrian)

The halls were, not surprisingly, white, and devoid of almost all decoration. Ryza wasn't sure exactly what she was expecting, but this had been a letdown. Meanwhile, Nova kept babbling, trying to advise her to do this and that, but most of all--be polite and try not to act like the complete psychopath she was at times. The sunglasses were supposed to stay on, not that she minded, considering the blinding white hurt her eyes. After a bit of walking and listening to nothing but Nova's suggestions, Ryza was sick of it when they got to a large door that Nova opened with ease and lead her in before him. "Here is the girl, sirs." The cheer in his voice was suddenly gone as he lead her to a pair of open chairs around the large, round table. Ryza shivered and wanted to yank away from his touch as she was reminded of the feel-nothing people that had made her the way she was and tended to her for the longest time before Nova came. She hated them, most often that was what people looking into her eyes were bombarded with, images from the experimentations... She stifled the urge and let Nova lead her to the seat, clutching Cecil to her so tightly it was a wonder the stuffed cat didn't explode. "This is Ryza Hale."

Immediately, she noticed she was sitting directly across from a man with pale, nearly colorless skin and pale hair, his eyes were blood red. There wer a handful of others with them, but she only noticed him. She shivered again and clutched her stuffed cat tighter.

Aerys and Thirteen
Wandering through Enfin
ARPer's: None, atm

"Are you sure this is the right way?" She asked for what felt like the fifty billionth time to Thirteen, who sighed.

"Aerys, I have spent almost my entire life in these tunnels, yes. Yes, we are going the right freaking way." The little Vampire growled through her teeth, agitated. She glanced back to notice the look of strain on the humanoid robot Sona's face and sighed.

"What is it they're doing to her now?" Thirteen snapped, really wishing the idiotic WAE would just leave the unstable girl alone. Aerys got incredibly testy when Ryza was annoyed, and she really didn't want half of Enfin falling on her because the Guardian went into a Ryza-induced rage, destroying anything in sight.

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