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Amiel Sable
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Off of Highway 5, USA
ARPer's: Erai

It wasn’t the answer I was expecting, but a good one none the less. I had to admit this kid was observant as he was a good cook, but I didn’t say it. There was no need to state the obvious. I stared at the fire for a bit, realizing we were next to a gas station and fire usually meant that explosions followed afterward. That would have been an interesting site, then when it was found WAE could have a reason to label some Deviants as unnecessarily destructive. That’s what we really needed on our tags besides everything else. Then again they already called us out as terrorists…

“Your experiences huh…must have been hard.”

That’s all I could really say. I wasn’t keen on letting anyone know yet I was the special person the entire force of WAE was looking for. Mixed reactions, also I thought I was talking an awful lot today. The day had been full of surprises. With that in mind, I knew that I had to be going soon.

“If theres anything else…I would need to get going. I don’t stay in one place too long. Thanks for the bread.”

With that, I got up and slowly started back for my bike. I had to head south to the next big city that was going to be the next ‘victim of my terrorism’.

“Unless you’re also heading south.”

Veza Ryngsen
Umecit, Nexen
ARPer's: Anyone involved in the Antitivity battle

I was a bit slower than the rest of our rag tag guerilla group, due to the fact I had to take this thing out by surprise with one heavy blow. That I couldn’t do by exploding the thing into tiny pieces and have shrapnel stab everyone within a twenty foot radius. No instead I decided to hover as far above it as I could, then just have gravity do the work for me. As I ascended high enough, at least what I assumed was high enough, I closed up into a ball and let myself fall. Knowing everyone was at least smart enough to move out of the way when they saw a giant ball falling from the sky coming straight towards them, I knew no one was going to get hurt…as long as my aim wasn’t off.

The fall took a bit longer than I thought, although it was a few seconds, but eventually I felt the hard force of metal and various other things hit my side, and a screeching of crushed metal and armor colliding with the ground. I felt small explosions within the armor of the tank and for that reason I didn’t uncurl myself until I knew it was safe to come out. I rolled backwards and took a look at the mess. A huge crater in the tank and whatever was inside it would be in even worse condition thanks to me.

I took in a heavy breath knowing that high ranking officer didn’t have the chance to report me. I looked around, seeing a few of the surviving Antitivity fleeing as fast as they could.

“I think that’s it…”

I didn’t notice the remaining static from the apparent EMP the tank was making earlier. Thanks to my armor I was going to be conducting it for a few moments longer, however it made me a bit stiff at the moment. I looked around and saw some Sona that weren’t in the initial group before. A pair of Tasmanian devils and some other humanoids.

“Thanks for your help.” I addressed the other strangers. “Is everyone alright?”
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