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Eishiba and Talim made their way out of the cave. Talim was glad to smell fresh air, instead of the musty dirt in the cave. Eishiba couldn't think about anything other than the new Pokemon he just caught. He wanted so much to use it in a battle. He thought of asking Talim for a battle but all she had was an azurill. He looked out at the open road as the concrete beneath him lead him to his next destination. He couldn't wait to challenge the gym leader there.
Both of them walked along the empty street leading from the cave exit. The sun felt amazing as the cave was a little cool. Talim began to speak. "I hope the next Pokemon Center is close by."

Eishiba thought about it and then said, "Once we go there, lets go to the next gym. I wanna get the next badge."

Talim walked along and said, "Maybe I should challenge the gym leader too. I think it would be nice to get a gym badge. It would make me feel like I accomplished something."

Eishiba said, "Thats not an easy thing to acomplish and besides, they usually have more than one Pokemon and all you have is Azurill."

"Hey now!" Talim said, "Azurill is really strong!"

Eishiba thought about that and said, "Yeah...I bet it can't beat my new Skorupi!"

Talim said, "Oh I bet it can! That disgusting bug! Not a chance in the world!"

"Ill bet you lunch that it can't!" Eishiba said, eager to use his new Pokemon.

"Your on!" Talim said dropping her stuff on the street where she was. Eishiba stood next to her and both of them threw their pokeballs onto the street. Azurill and Skorupi both took form.

Talim shouted, "Azurill slam that disgusting bud as hard as you can!"

Azurill waddled over with its huge round tail behind it and tried to crash into Skorupi. "Use Poison Sting!"

As Azurill ran to slam into Skorupi, the tiny scorpion Pokemon aimed its right stinger at the on coming water Pokemon. Skorupi didn't even take a step. Azurill slammed right into the stinger at full force. Azurill made a clicking noise and recoiled. It shook a little from the sting as it began to hold its stomach. Eishiba smiled saying, "Looks like lunch is gonna be mine!"

"Azurill, try to use body slam!" Talim called out.

Skorupi," Eishiba countered. "Use Poison Sting again!"

Azurill jumped into the air and came down with a belly flop like maneuver. Again, without taking a step Skorupi aimed its stinger into the air. It turned and looked at Eishiba, rather than at its opponent. Eishiba shouted, "Skorupi, you have to keep your eye on your opponent!"

Skorupi buzzed as it didn't seem to be under stress about the battle. As Eishiba watched, Azurill came right down on the stinger. Azurill tumbled to the side and rolled, holding its stomach from the deadly toxic venom. Eishiba realized that Skorupi was toying with Azurill. Eishiba smiled and clapped for Skorupi. The tiny bug looked up at its trainer and almost grinned as it felt energized.

Talim wasn't finished however. "Azurill! Use Water Gun!"

Eishiba grew a nervous as Azurill inhaled and then opened its mouth and sprayed a mouthful of water at the bug. Eishiba said, "Skorupi! Watch out!"

Skorupi grinned and turned to the Water Gun attack and stood there not moving. The water hit Skorupi full force but the scorpion like creature did not budge. It seemed to enjoy the water as if it was refreshing. Both Eishiba and Talim watched as the Skorupi stood firmly in the water. Eishiba looked at Talim and said, "So, whats for lunch?"

Talim said, "Come on Azurill, use Water Gun as hard as you can!"

Azurill stopped its Water Gun move for a moment. It inhaled once again, holding for a moment this time. Then it exhaled and released. The blast was much more powerful this time. The water crashed into Skorupi, however, the bug still did not budge. In fact, it seemed to be taking small steps closer to the water Pokemon, while in the way of Water Gun. Eishiba watched this and thought, "This Skorupi must be able to take alot of damage. Its so tough."

Eishiba also realized Skorupi had a very "showing off" like attitude. It seemed to want to impress Eishiba. That kind of personality was different to Eishiba as the rest of his Pokemon did not try to show off for him. Eishiba thought, "Maybe I can conform to its style."

With that Eishiba called out, "Skorupi, keep pushing through the water! Then bite Azurill!"

Skorupi began to push straight the water. It inched closer and closer. Once it was a few feet away, Azurill stopped it Water Gun as it tried to catch its breath. Skorupi walked up to the water Pokemon and stared at it as it heaved for air. Skorupi opened its strange looking mouth and bit the tiny Azurill on the top of its head. Once it bit down, it shook Azurill violently back and forth almost like a dog would have. Once it let go, Azurill made a few more clicking noises and then held its stomach. The teeth marks on its head were deep. Eishiba looked at Talim and said, "Any other ideas?"

Talim took out her Pokeball and called back Azurill. She sighed and said, "Ok, so I need some more work."

Eishiba smiled and ran to his Skorupi and picked it up and swung it around. "Your one tough little bug aren't you!" The Skorupi made a few chirps and swungs its stingers around in the air. Eishiba walked over to Talim carrying his little Pokemon and said, "So, we are hungry."

Talim sighed and said, "Alright, lets get to the Pokemon Center first. I want to make sure Azurill will be fine."

"Sounds fair," Eishiba said. Talim held her Pokeball in her hand and ran through the city to the biggest building in the middle of town which was the Pokemon Center. Talim ran inside and straight to the desk and said, "My Azurill...can you please help it?"

Eishiba walked in right behind Talim at a slower pace with Skorupi in his arms as it was clearly happy where it was. Eishiba stood by Talim and saw that the nurse was the same as the nurses before at other centers. He thought that a little odd. The nurse said, "We will make Azurill feel much much better. I promise." Talim smiled as she put her Pokeball on a tray containing 6 spots to Pokeballs. Eishiba called his Skorupi and put his Skorupi and Buneary on the tray as well. Nurse Joy promised to return before long.

Talim said, "Lets get something to eat. I'm hungry anyways."

Eishiba smiled and was extremely ready for that. He followed Talim to the dining room where there were many tables and servers. Talim sat at a booth by the window. As Eishiba sat, one of his Pokeballs fell from his belt. It rolled on the ground and burst open. The furry angry Mankey took form. Eishiba looked at Mankey as it was calm...for the moment. "Oh Mankey, I'm sorry, the Pokeball fell on the floor. False alarm."

Eishiba picked up his Pokeball from the floor and began to return Mankey but the furry pig monkey snorted and put its hand on the Pokeball and pushed it back towards Eishiba. Eishiba thought for a moment and said, "Do you want to walk around for a bit?"

Mankey puts its hands above its head and clapped them as it almost smiled...if it had a visible mouth. "Alright Mankey," Eishiba said. "But you have to behave in here."

With that, Mankey sat on the floor by Eishiba. It started to groom its own tail, digging through the fur for small bugs. A server came walked up dressed in a black suit. He spoke, "What would you both desire?"

Eishiba said, "A cheese burger!"

Mankey then started to get a little excited. Eishiba laughed a little saying, "Oh, do you want a cheese burger also?"

Mankey clapped again as the server said, "We have a three cheeseburger special right now. One for each of you, and spit the third?"

Both Talim and Eishiba nodded in agreement. The server left and brought them some drinks. Eishiba took a big drink of his Mountain Dew. "This is really hitting the spot."

Talim said, "Mankey is so calm. Why?"

Eishiba thought about it and said, "I don't know, anytime its calm is like very rare."

They both looked down at the floor where Mankey was content with going through its fur. It snorted a couple of times as it ate any bugs from its fur that it could reach. Mankey didn't even look at them. Eishiba wondered if Mankeys always groomed themselves.

The server came back with a plate with three cheese burgers on it. Mankey looked up at the server and plate and sniffed the air. As he sat the plate on the table he asked if they needed anything else. When both assured him they didn't need anything, he turned and left. Eishiba and Talim took a cheese burger and began to eat. Eishiba said, "This is sooooooo good!"

Eishiba dug into his cheese burger as if he had never eaten before. Talim ate much slower and said, "Calm down. Its not going anywhere and besides there is still one more left."

Just as Eishiba thought about the third cheese burger Mankey jumped up on the table and grabbed the cheese burger and sat on the table. It looked at the cheese burger and sniffed it. Talim shouted, "Hey! Thats not yours!"

Mankey looked at her with angry eyes, like a teenager angry from being told what not to do. Talim froze and said, "No its ok...I want you to have it...."

Mankey seemed to calm down and took a small bite of the cheese burger. It screeched really loud at the taste and began to eat it as fast as it could. Food fell from its fur where its mouth was, on to the table as it downed the cheese burger faster than Eishiba did. Once it scarfed its food down it jumped back into the floor and began to pick at the scraps of food on its fur and ate them. Eishiba couldn't help but laugh as Talim looked a little disgusted.

Eishiba said, "Now I can say my Mankey likes cheeseburgers!"

Talim looked at Eishiba still laughing and said, "What if Mankey gets sick?"

"Then Mankey will learn not to eat human food ever again," Eishiba said.

Talim shook her head and continued eating her cheeseburger. Eishiba laughed as he took his last bite and then sipped his Mountain Dew. Once Talim finished, she paid the check and the two of them left with Mankey following behind. The nurse handed them their Pokemon and Eishiba thanked her. "Are you ready for a rest Mankey?" Eishiba said taking his Pokeball out. Mankey screeched like an irritated chimp. "Alright, alright, you can walk around for a while."

Mankey clapped and snorted as it followed Eishiba out the door. "Now to the gym!" Eishiba said.
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