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Default Re: U.S destroying free speech?

I think it'll pass--I hate to sound like a cynic, but I firmly believe the general public (which includes congress) really is this stupid. The Constitution is just a piece of paper most of the American public hasn't even read anymore.

Either way, the campaign to censor parts of the internet to certain parties online is going to be logistically ridiculous. Like one of y'all said, "I wonder what Anonymous will say about this." I can easily see them backlashing against some bigwigs if this goes down. Getting the system running would be Hell, but protecting it against the hackers is another monster all together. But unless somebody or some group of people has been planning to censor zones of the internet to a certain public already, they'll probably be in over their heads.

If they don't support it, and don't plan to support it--I'm proud of Sega for not being Nazis. t3hw007! I'm not surprised about Sony agreeing to this, though. The CEO is an old imperialist.

Either way, I think something will probably go down in their favor. Then the bill will pass. Then we'll see the internet bubble pop for a second time. All the sites fail, except eBaum'sWorld, because I hate eBaum's; and if I hate it, it probably has a good chance of surviving. The economy will fail, sending certain agricultural areas to lose revenue, falling society into a famine. Which then leads to disease, to disease mutations... to zombie virus... boom. Z-Day, we're all dead meat. Good job Miyamoto. Your company started the zombie apocalypse. Was that really worth the protection for Nintendogs?

Either way--the way I look at it. I think it'll pass at some point in the next year or two. It really depends on the lobbyists and current events.
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