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Default Re: U.S destroying free speech?

Originally Posted by Lord Fedora View Post
It actually wasn't an attempt at controlling drunk driving, it was an attempt to control drinking altogether, and it had ridiculous and astonishing public support from all sectors of the public.

This bill is not remotely similar. If it were to pass, there would be a revolution that would make the Occupy movement look pathetic. We wouldn't even have to wait for it to be declared unconstitutional, or even for the resulting economic tank. Within a day of it taking effect the resulting riots would result in either the government overturning it, or being violently overthrown.
Regardless, the point still stands. It was a stupid attempt, and it led to a lot more problems than it helped. Not to mention, they had a hard time enforcing it.

The bill is unconstitutional (destroying free speech and due process of law) and will not pass. And even if it does...Either what Lord Fedora said will pass, or it will be removed within a few years.

Also, from what I know Obama is against the bill, so that is good. Of course, with Nintendo, Apple, and Microsoft backing it up, that is a lot of pressure >.<'

SEGA, you better not join in >.>

...I hope not ^^'

Bah. I don't really like my government very much...They'd pulled a lot of crap on my mom and let a terrible man like my father take everything. That in itself is enough to make me anti-government.

EDIT: Oh, and I realized that I never answered the question this thread is asking. Is the U.S. destroying freedom of speech? No. It doesn't destroy freedom of speech...

It rapes it, shoots it in the leg before hanging it and then torching it - the big finale being that they collapse the building on the burnt body of speech as an improvised tomb.

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