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Default Re: U.S destroying free speech?

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
Yes, and look what happened. Crime skyrocketed. It was an attempt to control drunk driving, and it didn't work so they repealed it.

Now, they have all these facts about censoring and how difficult it will be and the facts about money made...Yet they are ignoring all the years of research. That in itself is a great folly.

Could they pass it? Yes. But will it stay? No. To be blunt, the economy will be shot to sh*t.

Also, notice how they failed to censor video game sales to "minors" and have switched to the internet. This happens all the time. They are determined to censor SOMETHING.
If you think smuggling alcohol is a crime, then sure, it skyrocketed. Also, the reason alcohol was banned was because religious extremists voted pushed to ban it.

As I said, they are not banning the internet. They are censoring it to the point where free speech is void. No Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Myspace, Pe2k, Skype, AIM, censor-free EMAIL, Tindeck, DeviantArt, or anything. Simply banking and government sites. You know, Chinese style censorship. This will not, however, effect other parts of the world like Europe or Oceania.

Would it stay? I don't know. With past cyber attacks on various companies, the dangers of identity theft, and the "Patriot Act", allowing the government to monitor everyone of its citizens at any time. What is keeping them from censoring the internet?

I don't know if you know this, but it is actually illegal to hug people in public. They censor real life. There is nothing they have not touched.
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