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Default Re: Really Blizzard?

Well, not to be rude, but...

Couldn't you have just umm, not said that? I mean, think about stuff before you do it.

It might be because the botter didn't insult your mother, I dunno. But it seems like you're just making up excuses.

2011-11-27 14:37:44 –estruction: The only report I have is that your mommas bewbs are too baggy.
2011-11-27 14:37:04 –estruction: Your welcome, I'll be playing your mom again from 8-11 tonight too. :)

If you look here, you seem like the bad guy. And in this case, I'm pretty sure you are. All your shameless ranting has made you seem like a worse person, you're just digging a hole here. If you're so angry over a game or fifteen dollars, then don't pay it. The only reason you're in this situation is your own inability to think before you type.

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