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Default Re: [SU/DS][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

NAME: Veronica



SPECIES: (8_=d8y*w7&^^-<#%$988 <DATA CORRUPTED>

PERSONALITY: Veronica is an odd woman who does not speak of her origins and seems, if anything, to have some kind of precognition abilities. She seems to know too much, but rarely speaks of the full extent of what she may know. She is relatively kind, but seems to have some bit of passive-aggressive behavior, as well as a large mistrust for people she hasn't met before. She is very knowledgeable about the system itself, but where she got this knowledge is anyone's guess. Veronica will often answer personal questions with outright lies or half-truths, obscuring her origins and, despite her lies, has maintained the same story when asked, though how truthful or not she is is almost as mysterious as her origins. Regardless, her presence seems to be beneficial to whoever she is with.

APPEARANCE: A thin, youthful looking woman with shoulder-length white hair and almost glowing violet eyes and a pale complexion. Veronica wears a simple jumpsuit with a white torso and black sleeves and legs, with thin lines decorating a few places in various yellowish colors. In addition, she wears a cloak of some sort over her shoulders that fans out to a sort of cape behind her, for whatever reason, which is black with a silver lining along the side. Finally, she carries two devices that look like guns and another smaller device that she seems fond of, worn around her neck in the manner of a necklace.

SKILL(S): Telekinesis, technokiness,

WEAPON(S): Portal devices: Two gun-like weapons that produce two linked portals on flat surfaces when fired. They allow her to move to locations that are otherwise inaccessible, though they lack sufficient power to allow more than one person to use them. They are ineffective as weapons as the time-space particles will disperse if it hits a surface that is not flat or large enough to hold a portal.

OTHER: No weapons for the passive-aggressive lady.
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