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Default Re: [SU/DS][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

YES!!! IMMA FIRAN MAH LAYZAH!!! I mean, yay, Aarilyn is in! :D I was really excited by her character concept, and it'll be hilarious to see how Max's charries react, considering xD (Yay comedy relief! :D)

BTW, here's my other character before I go to bed...

NAME: Windflower

AGE: 17

RACE: Pokémorph

SPECIES: Braviary

PERSONALITY: Windflower is a fierce warrior and a skilled hunter, but to know her personally, you would find that she’s quite gentle and passive. Windflower is very even-tempered, and it takes a lot to make her angry. A WHOLE lot. Her patience is to be admired, which she has gained from many a hunt, though some people might say she’s too sluggish for their liking. Unbothered by this, Windflower would merely explain that she likes thinking things through. It’s better to be prepared for the worst rather than plunging into uncertainty, as she would say. She seems to have taken it to heart the belief that wisdom comes from the righteous application of knowledge, and though she may not know as much as others—coming from a more primitive society—she uses her head to get through any obstacle that comes her way.

In regards to other people, Windflower may seem a little distant, or that her head is always up in the cloud. But truthfully, she is just a deep thinker. She always acts politely, and though a bit aloof, she gets along well with others. Honorable is she who respects the wisdom of her elders, and the orders of her superiors.

APPEARANCE: Windflower bears a remarkable resemblance to the Rito Tribe of the Great Sea (Yes, I'm referencing The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker). Though she has never met them, they say that she shares the same, sharp, hooked beak that replaces a proper nose, and special wings on her arms. Usually, these wings dangle like sleeves behind her elbow, but when she takes to the air, her arms fully transform into a broad set of red and blue wings. Her feet similarly can transform into a pair of sharp talons, which can prove useful in midair fights (since she loses the ability to fight with her arms when flying).

Windflower has thick, curly, dark brown hair that falls to her shoulders, and that she usually keeps pulled away from her face with a leather headband. She also sticks red and white feathers into her hair in a way that almost mimics the wild crest of a real Braviary. The manner in which she dresses is quite similar to the garb worn by Native Americans, complete with tassels and moccasins. Her face is also hand-painted with the colors of Braviary feathers, with red around her eyes and blue stripes on her cheeks.

SKILL(S): Sky Drop, Air Slash, Whirlwind, Crush Claw

*Note—Windflower cannot transform into a Pokemon, and actually is not the result of experimentation. Rather, she is a descendent of a race of humans from a world where they were able to spiritually unite with Pokemon.

WEAPON(S): Hunting bow, bone-handle knife, and dual tomahawks

OTHER: Wingapo, my friends :D

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