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Cool Re: Roggenrola or Drillbur?

I never used any of them yet, so I made a general comparisoon among Gigalith and Excadrill.

Gigalith's base stats are better than Excadrill.

Gigalith's base stats:
HP - 85
Attack - 135
Defense - 130
Sp.Atk - 60
Sp.Def - 70
Speed - 25

Excadrill's base stats:
HP - 110
Attack - 135
Defense - 60
Sp.Atk - 50
Sp.Def - 65
Speed - 88

Who's got the higher base stat?

HP - Excadrill's
Attack - Excadrill's
Defense - Gigalith's
Sp.Atk - Gigalith's
Sp.Def - Gigalith's
Speed - Excadrill

Gigalith scores one, it seems that his base stats are higher than Exadrill. Let's check out their abilities.

Gigalith may have Sturdy or Stand Force ability.

Excadrill may have Sand Rush or Sand Force.

Once that both can have Sand Force, this ability is eleminated. About Sturdy and Sand Rush, Sturdy is supposed to help you most of the times instead Sand Rush, also, Excadrill doesn't need Sand Rush very much because its Speed is at a nice value.

Gigalith scores again. Gigalith got 2 points.

Keep going forward, let's analyse the type of each one. The type is very important and we should had check it out firstly. Gigalith is pure rock type and Excadrill is ground and steel type.

Rock is weak to water, fighting, grass, ground and steel type.

Ground and steel combo makes the Pokemon weak to fire, water and fighting.

Rock resists to normal, fire, poison and flying type.

Ground and steel como resists to normal, eletric, poison, flying, psychic, bug, rock, ghost, dragon, dark and steel type.

Well, it seems that finally Excadrill wins a competition.

A very important thing now are the moves they can learn, it doesn't matter the way (level, TM, HM, eggs, move tutor). Gigalith can learn more moves than Excandrill, but Excandrill being dual type will have STAB bonus on two type of moves, so it's said to cause more damage. Excadill and Gigalith learns along the levels some ground and rock moves. Gigalith can learn more TMs than Excadrill, but some of them are useless, like Solarbeam, once that Gigalith is not got enought Sp. Attack to cause a lot of damage. Well, the Pokemon that learn better level moves is... Excadrill!

We have a draw currently, both are scoring 2 points. Let's see who's the winner with the last analysis.

The last thing you have to see is that Gigalith is obtained by trade, so if you don't have any friend to trade Boldore, so it won't ever become a Gigalith. If we comparate Excadrill and Gigalith's pre evolution, Boldore, Boldore will lose the base stats comparison. So, this last analysis is eliminatory. If u can have Gigalith because there's a possible way to you trade Boldore, so it's better to you have Gigalith, but if you don't have... leave Boldore and grow a Excadrill.

I particullary would pick Excadrill up, not because it's a better or worse Pokémon, but because it has some strategies on a physical Pokemon that I admire. Just remembering you: I never used any, I'm playing White currently but I didn't catch a Roggenrola.

The best answer will be from someone that used both Pokemon in each respective version.

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