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Salem Cristobal Zabaleta
Deviant Paletz
Apparently off of Highway 5, USA
ARPers: Saraibre Ryu

I was actually enjoying the moment a bit. I mean, what was there not to enjoy? I had found some time to actually eat and I was talking to someone who didn't want to kill me or have me arrested. It's good to take in the little moments in life. I listened to the girl's questions and, in all honesty, I found her tone amusing.

I gave her a smile and answered, "Your outfit looks more of one who's trying to not be identified. Sure, you could have still been a WAE undercover, but if you were, you would have easily taken me down by rushing in at the slightest scent of any of the spices I used."

I took another small bite off the bread to swallow it fast and keep up with the conversation.

"At least, that has been my experience with WAE," I added just before taking a bigger bite of bread.

Dare Dare Haru
Umecit, Nexen
ARPers: Anyone in the fight with the Antitivities.

Light Dare looked back at the Sona he was trying to shield from danger. Somehow, he looked a lot better all of a sudden. More than that, he looked ready for battle. The white Tasmanian Devil began to walk towards his brother as he felt they have been apart for too long.

"You are welcome," he responded to Dos before running towards his darker half.

Meanwhile, Dark Dare had suddenly stopped moving. He looked like he was seeing something in his mind which had him distracted.

Light Dare saw him from the distance and said, "Oh no...not now..."

At that moment, Dark Dare sat on the floor where a sketch pad and a few pencils of different numbers materialized in front of him. He quickly grabbed pencil after pencil and began to draw something very fast. Light Dare was almost to his brother's side when he noticed the Antitivity in the tank prepare for some sort of attack. The white Tasmanian Devil jumped towards his brother with his shield in hand.

Suddenly, just as the tank sent that electric pulse, a force field spread from Dare's shield protecting both his halves from the attack.

Light Dare looked back at his brother and said, "Seriously!?"

Dark Dare stood up while holding his finished drawing and said, "Yup. Now lets go."

Light Dare suddenly saw it through his brother's eyes. The drawing, it was of a very detailed peculiar angle of the hover tank ahead.

"Got it," responded Light Dare.

The two stood side by side and began running towards the tank. Zigzagging a bit, especially around the other Sonas to avoid attracting too much attention to themselves. Light Dare constantly holding his shield ready to defense while Dark Dare kept his sword in hand and his sight locked into the tank.

Suddenly, the two sprung forward and stopped right under the tank.

"There!" shouted Dark Dare as he jumped and thrust his sword upwards hitting the specific spot near the back of the tank which had been the focus of his drawing.

The sword quickly pierced through the tank with ease as if it had just hit a weak spot. Dark Dare pulled the sword out and jumped away from the tank with his brother following close behind. At that moment, the tank began making strange sounds, as if it was starting to short-circuit. Slowly but surely, the hover tank began to descend.
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