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Daniel Redrock
Alignment: Deviant - Grafix and WAE - Tungz
Location: Outskirts of San Fran, CA
ARPers: Winter_Cherry (Allen Whiteflower, Shiba Set, and Argeno Balk)

Daniel looked at the girl - he was pretty sure he'd heard someone call her Shiba? - who had asked him a question. For a boy who was completely unable to get on well with his own sex, let alone any of the complicated feminine 'species', let alone one who was older than him and who could probably destroy him in a fight, Daniel felt little fear, other than a slight nervousness at the woman's tone. After all, if these people had wanted to hurt him they would have left him with Domini. Heck, they could have just run him over.

"My name's Daniel Redrock," Daniel said. "We'd both be pretty safe to assume that the other's a Deviant, I think, so I may as well introduce myself as a Grafix. As for how he was chasing me... Beats me, really. I keep some of my supplies on hand - things like pencils and paints - and some of my drawings, but I don't know how he could have seen - oh God."

He slapped himself in the face. "That's it. I had to take one of my drawings out to talk to my Sona. The guy must have seen it somehow. Speaking of which, if you guys don't mind, I have to try to tell him I'm all right."

He pulled out a new drawing, this one a picture of a summer's night, with a little kid chasing white fireflies through a field full of rainbow flowers. He focused on the colors, until he felt Cyrus's mind connect fuzzily to his.

I'm all right, Daniel told his Sona, and broke the connection off. There, duty done.

Cyrus Nelvenmig and Fury
Alignment: For the Deviants
Location: The outskirts of Inau, near Umecit.
ARPers: Those fighting the Antitivity.

"Terminat - GET HIM!" Fury and Cyrus perked up their ears as they heard the dragon speak in its metallic voice. They followed the machine's line of sight to what appeared to be a human being in a floating tank. The odd ball-creature was already moving toward it, but Fury decided that the blue sphere may need some help. "Wait here if you like; I'm going to have some fun!" Fury sprang out toward the WAE commander. Cyrus followed reluctantly a moment later.

The two Sonas got in place, forming a triangle around the Antisona with the blue sphere as its vertex. Fury wasn't quite sure what to make of the ball-Sona pulling giant stone gauntlets out of the earth and smacking a WAE commander with them, taunting the Antisona when he clearly had machinery, presumably powerful, at his disposal. Cyrus didn't notice - he was receiving a message from Daniel, along with a dizzying splash of color.

I'm all right.

None of the Sonas, however, were about to be all right. The Antitivity in the hover-tank pushed a button on his control panel, and an electric pulse came out of his device like some sort of EMP, shocking all those within a radius of about three yards. Fury and Cyrus shrieked in pain. Cyrus managed to stay fixed to his spot, but Fury was flung far backward. She landed in the grass, out cold. Cyrus was in little better shape - he was conscious, but his whole body was shaking. Tremors were racking his muscles and his eyesight was fuzzy at best. Cyrus was unsure about the third Sona's condition, but he knew dimly that the Antitivity could kill them at his leisure.
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