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Lightbulb Who's That Pokemon?!

Aight, aight. Title sorta explains itself. But, here's a description.

One person posts a description of any Pokemon. ANY. The next person who posts says what Pokemon it is and then puts another description of a different Pokemon. There can be more than one description of the same Pokemon. But it can't be the same one that was the answer and it can't be the same thing.


Person 1: This Pokemon is orange-red and has a flame on it's tail.
Person 2: Charmander. This Pokemon is considered to be the god of all Pokemon. It has an ability to change type depending on the Plate it's holding.

*Some time later...*

Person 3: This Pokemon's shiny form is gold and it's final evolution's shiny form is black with semi-crimson and black wings.
Person 4: Charmander. This Pokemon...etc.


Person 1: This Pokemon is green and has a bulb on it's back from birth.
Person 2: Bulbasaur. This Pokemon is green and has a bulb on it's back from birth.

Have fun!

This Pokemon is #000 in the Unova Dex.

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