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((OOC: Oh, okay! Thanks for posting this up! ^^ Sorry about getting a little impatient, I guess I just got a little excited. D: And thank you, I will. :3
Subayai is female, by the way. :3))

November. If it wasn't for the two major upcoming holidays, I would despise it; the weather turns cold, the sky dreary, and the air damp. beautiful novelty of threds and oranges of fall had by now vanished, leaving every tree and shrub completely barren. I, however, had hoped and slightly expected that the botanic gardens had not fell victim to this temporary gloom. After all, wasn't the climate usually pretty nice there? The leaves all still would have had to have falled by now, though, for this was not determined by the weather more so than by the change in the angle of the sun.

I had eagerly filled out all the necessary paperwork to enter the National Park. Even though during my first run I had an emergency call to leave--something having to do with an incident in the family--I actually wasn't nervous in the slightest. Sure, I hadn't finished my last run, but it's fine. I wasn't about to let that happen a second time.

I had made a somewhat embarassing blunder, however, during the sign-up. See, out of my contained excitement, I had forgotten to carefully read the terms to the sign-up sheet, thus I ended up paying a few dollars less than what I was supposed to. I didn't, however, come to know this until a few days after the registration process; the officials of the National Park had called me to bring it to my attention. Almost embarassed, I apologized profusely and had sent them the remaining money I had due.

Just sometime this morning I was informed that my registration sheet had been accepted and I that a Ranger was ready to take me through. I had then eagerly hopped out of bed and quickly went through the usual morning routines. I had plenty of time, but I just didn't want to be late. Perhaps I got that trait from my mother.

Unlike a lot of Rangers and other Trainers, I had no Psychic-typed Pokemon that would allow me to teleport to the location. That being said, I did have a Pokemon that could have flown there; even so, the National Park had an enormous map and I likely would have got us lost on the way there. Thus, I had to be taken there by an official of the park. Luckily the trip there was hassle-free and actually didn't take too terribly long.

I have now been sitting here for at least half an hour--I was a bit early, but I was okay with that. The weather, despite a few cloudy patches here and there, was relatively nice. That being said, the majority of the scenery by the gardens had stayed intact, which I was thankful for.

I had eventually noticed, somewhere in front of the bench I was sitting at, an entity that had started to materialize. No, sorry, actually it was two. It must have been the Ranger and their Pokemon. She looked to be somewhere around my own age, if not just a bit younger. I stood up from my post and casually walked over to the Ranger.
"Hello! You must be my Ranger, correct?" I politely inquired. "It's nice to meet you." Though it had been rather obvious that this was correct, I had asked so nonetheless. I suppose it was mainly out of good nature.

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