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Default ♢ Icons of Temporal Diamond ♢


Hi everyone, this is my gallery as you can see. xD It mostly features the graphics that I've done. The main thing you'll see here are icons, because I like iconizing(I made that word up xD) stuff of my favourite subjects. Though I'm not planning on being a graphic artist when I grow up, it is like a hobby of mine. Nevertheless I would still like to be at least decent at this and I would love all the criticms I can get. :D I use GIMP, and sometimes Pixlr. With that, let's get down to business(which is viewing my icons xD)!

  1. All PE2K forum rules apply.
  2. No stealing/using w/o my permission.
  3. No requests. This isn't a shop.
  4. Have fun and enjoy my icons~!



ASB | VPP | Poetry | Art

Click please? :3
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