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Default The Bishies Thread

The Bishies Thread
Bishie is short for Bishounen/Bishojo, which is a Japanese term referring to the "pretty boys/pretty girls" of anime and games.

You must follow these rules in order to claim a bishie.

1. Please have at least 10 posts before requesting.
2. Please post your claims in alphabetical order.
3. YOU MUST post the name AND anime. No matter what.
4. You are only allowed 10 bishies and if a specific bishie is taken, no one else can have it, so it's first come first serve. I'm sorry. If your prefered character has been taken, then you will have to choose another one. Look at the list before posting.
5. You are allowed to claim from any anime or anime-like video games.
6. Trades are allowed, but both have to agree.
7. This is not real ownage, since real ownage is copyrighted.
8. If somebody hasn't been active for a month, and you want their claim, please provide evidence with a profile link, and you will be allowed to have that claim instead.
9. If you change your name, post and ask your name to be updated.
10. If you can't wait at least a week without complaining, you can go a month without getting that bishie.
11. You must use this form when claiming a bishie:
Character name - Anime name (Your username)
---For example:
Aelita Schaeffer - Code Lyoko (Kaoru Matsubara)

Useful links:
These links should help you when you claim a bishie
The old Bishie thread
List of Updates

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