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Default The URPG Buy-In Tournament

The URPG Buy-In Tournament

Welcome to the URPG Buy-In Tournament. Think you’re the best of the best? Time to put your money where your mouth is!

Sign-Up Requirments-
5,000 URPG Dollars
Six Pokémon

-You sign up by posting in this thread. This tournament is limited to sixteen battlers, so first come first serve.
-In your post deduct 5,000 from your money.
-The Tournament will run as a standard bracket style tournament. However if the limit of sixteen entrants is not reached this may be altered.
-As with any other Tournament, cheating or not following the rules will result in punishment.
-All Battle Logs are to be posted in this thread. Payment is normal for referee and battlers. Wages will be posted at the end of the tournament.

Battle Rules-
Revolution if both battlers agree, otherwise BW Revolution
Hold Items On
Normal Weather/Terrain
OHKO/SLP/FRZ/Evasion Clauses On

The Semi Finals will be 5v5. The Final will be 6v6

1st place: 70% Of All Buy-ins
2nd place: 20% Of All Buy-ins
3rd place: 10% Of All Buy-ins

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