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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
Mnehhhhhh I can't see Danny Phantom and Pokemon crossing over without creating something with cancer. But there isn't any crossover that works excellently in my mind, really.
At any rate, I wouldn't participate in it but only for the above reasons. If I were you, I would let the idea sit in your head for a while, maybe even a few weeks, before you try to act on it. It always seems to help me. c:

RP Title:
The Greatest Game (Super tentative!)

RP Fandom Basis: N/A

Opening Plot and Exposition: The world has reached an age of advanced technology. Virtual reality especially has reached new heights - such heights that spun worlds can be so like actual reality that no one would know the difference. But it isn't humans trapped in this new matrix - it's animals. Animals of all kinds, from house-cats to elephants, can be uploaded into a computer simulation known as The Greatest Game. These animals are made to compete, fighting sometimes to the death, for rewards based on the approval of the mysterious 'Watchers', who are really people who watch the brawls on their televisions at home. Only a select few of the animals know that their reality is a lie and that their 'lives' are for nothing but the amusement of the people... But these few are determined to put a stop to this half-existence and truly live.

A dream. Not even kidding.

Where you need help: ProblemproblemproblemproblemPROBLEM. I need a problem that drives the plot and makes the RP more than just a series of animals fighting in tournaments. :/
For some reason, this reminds of me of the Hunger Games. XD If you don't know what that is, it's an awesome book(there's gonna be a movie on it!). You might get some inspiration of a problem from that book since it bears much similarity to this plot. :3

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