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Default Re: Diamonds of Poetries Etched in Time

New poem~!

My origins are a blur.
I can't remember my creator.
All I recalled was the pressure
of being marked by my maker.

Life became a whirl,
as I moved from place to place.
I met too many people to recognize,
for my double-sided face.

As I spin around to and fro,
so does the world.
I'm the mortar of people's lives,
I'm also the cause of war and strife.

Soon I landed with a lucky one, or so I thought.
Imprison in the belly of a monster, left to stagnate.
But hope wasn't lost.
My captive released me back to the world I knew.
I relived my earlier thrills and sate my adrenaline.
However all good things come to an end.

An unexpected fall and I found myself in a strange place.
A world as boring as its mechanisms.
Sounds of falling bombs never seen.
Others like me, their bodies stale with time's rust.
So here I lie waiting. For time's doom,
or a key that would set me free.

Poetry Notes
Basically, it's the life of a coin. The first three verses should be obvious enough(creation, usage, importance). The fourth verse tells about the time when the coin falls into the hands of a child, and then into the belly of a piggy bank! xD After that life goes on and the coin is back in the world. However someone puts him into a vending machine. "Sounds of falling bombs never seen" imply of those food packets falling down from their compartments each time someone uses the machine. He's with other coins who've been there longer than him. The End. x3

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