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Default LEGALLY watching Japanese Pokemon?

Is there any way that I, who am in America, can legally watch Pokemon material in Japanese (subbed preferred but raw is also great), especially the new episodes of Best Wishes? I've heard TV Tokyo's website provides the anime, but I don't know whether this means they stream full episodes or not. In any case, I've looked over the site some, but haven't found anything yet, and my Japanese-speaking ability is probably only about intermediate.

I also discovered "KeyHole TV", which is a legal program from the Japanese government allowing people to stream certain Japanese TV channels live, including TV Tokyo. The problem is, based on when new eps air in Japan on Thursdays (7 PM JPT), I'd have to get up at 3 AM to see them. So, I wondered if these episodes would air as reruns, and when? Of course I'm still looking for other ways to watch it in addition to this, but it has to be legal. Please help if you can. I want to be able to keep seeing the show, but only legally.
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