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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01 (Woods)

Dual ran towards the Lickitung and extended his feet towards the Lickitung, sliding along the grass. His feet smashed into the Lickitung's legs, knocking it backwards. He then wrapped his knees around the Normal-type and swung out of the way, avoiding the falling Pokemon skillfully by swinging. The Normal-type landed heavily in the long grass, but didn't seem in any hurry to get back onto its feet. I soon found out why - the grass began waving and thrashing around like it was at a music festival. Thick vines made up of many interwoven grass stems erupted from the ground and whipped towards my Gallade. Dual braced his arms over his head in the standard boxing defense, but contact with the vines still hurt a lot. I could feel it through our link.

I grimaced as Dual stumbled back a little bit, put off by the Lickitung's attack. He hadn't been able to get up his Future Sight in time to dodge the Power Whip, but at least now he'd be able to see whatever was coming. The purple light around his helmet grew even brighter, as if it was swelling to a crescendo. Suddenly, there was a white flash, although I couldn't tell whether it was actual or mental. It could have been either, as I was linked to the Gallade, so it was common for bleed-over effects of telepathic attacks to strike me. I rubbed at my eyes, trying to clear the spot so I could see properly. When the smear eventually faded, I didn't like what I saw - Dual's Future Sight was dying down.

What's going on? I asked the Psychic-type.

<It's disabled my Future Sight,> Dual growled, his mental voice seething with anger. He really didn't like it when his abilities were affected or negated - one of the worst curbstomps I had even seen him perform was on a Cofagrigus that used Imprison. I shuddered from just remembering Dual's rage.

Just keep your cool, we shouldn't need Future Sight anyway, I cautioned the Gallade.

He snorted, clearly not convinced, but I could feel his anger slowly lessen, if not go away completely. The last dredges of purple energy around his head winked out just as the Lickitung started up-righting itself. I watched the Normal-type closely, trying to figure out what to do next. I could tell Dual wanted to hit his opponent hard, but was that the best thing to do?

"Jathan, look at this," Ivy said suddenly.

I turned around, surprised. Because of the battle I had pretty much forgot the Ranger was there. Before I could ask her what she wanted me to look at, she touched my wrist. The world suddenly went dim, and it wasn't being lit up by the sun's rays any more. Instead, objects were shining like they were filled with energy or life-force or something. The grass was a dull indistinct light, and the pair of Pokemon were bright beacons. On impulse, I looked up at the sun, and it didn't hurt my eyes - it was just an unbelievably bright sphere hanging in the sky.

Ivy brought my attention to the design the Lickitung had been creating in the ground. Energy was swirling around inside it and seeping into the air. I watched it curiously, not knowing what it was. Perhaps it was the energy leaving the grass that died when the Lickitung stepped on it or something. Nevertheless, it didn't pertain to the battle, so I looked away from it. As soon as I did, a huge flare of energy exploded underneath the ground. The earth heaved and swelled, rolling like waves in the ocean. I wasn't used to this form of sight - I couldn't see what was going on. I pulled my wrist out of Ivy's grasp and blinked, and the world returned to normal.

Well, visually anyway. Where there had been a flat grassy plain there was now rolling hills and small dips. They weren't huge, but they were large enough to obscure the Lickitung. I didn't think it was trying to flee, but that was always an option. I needed to get rid of those hills as soon as possible - losing sight of one's opponent was as close to a disaster as you could get.

Are you okay? I asked Dual, noticing him stumbling backwards away from the hills.

<Yeah, I'm okay, just wasn't expecting that,> he replied.

Okay, well we need those hills gone. Use Bulk Up's attack raise to fire off an Earthquake and bring this field back to the way it was, I ordered.

Dual bunched his muscles and held his arms at waist height, increasing his muscle mass through tensing and mental power. I could almost feel his strength increase drawing me in like a gravitational well. Slowly he raised his arm back and up, pointing his elbow-blade to the sky. With a sudden jerk, he smashed his fist into the ground.
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