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Default Re: Fan Fiction Chat/Feedback

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
(Wow, I sound like a n00b... but of course, this is going on ignored ^^')
It will not be ignored, child. *rubs hands*

...that just came off creepy.

Yeah, I'll take a look at it. I'm bored and need a break from my current writing project... but I warn ya... I have a reliable record for responding a week or few down the line when it comes to reviews. Sorry.

Anywho--I'm back from a looooooooooooong hiatus. I seem to come back and forth like a migratory bird. Sorry.

I noticed Giratina's still here (*tips hat*), very good. And Kenny, O'Flaffy, and HKim are still trolling these forums. Very nice.

Ohmygoshi'msothick--i just checked an old post of mine and realized Neo changed his name lol (slightly).

Sorry--now I'm just going down memory lane, I should probably stop before I get banned for being a troll.
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