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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

((OMFG I LIVE. :O ))

Doctor Caesura and Anastasia
Master and Apprentice; Light
Everlastia, Healer's Wing

Caesura nodded once, then went back to Embry. "This may do nothing at all, but I think it would be wise to use all of our options before we start to give up," he said, rubbing his hands a little. Anastasia could sense his power building up, the same way it would when he was abut to cast a spell. But he did not summon his Keyblade. He took a step back and held his hands out in front of them, keeping them a few inches apart. For a moment he frowned in concentration and Anastasia felt his power spike rapidly, all of it being channeled into his hands and the space between them. "Lumina," he whispered, the simple name a command.

Suddnely a birhgt white light burst from the empty space between his palm and there was a loud ringing sound, and then the light materialized into something. It looked like some sort of spirit, but it was surrounded in a white fire that made it too birght to see any of its features except two glowing blue eyes. Anastasia gasped in shock, and she was not the only one. In her head Ranna started screeching something incoherent about it being to light and happy. "Lumina," she heard Caesura say, "can you try to find out what is wrong with this girl? She may be struck down with some sort of darkness, and I'm sure you'll pick it up."

There was a nod--or at least that's what it resembled--from the elemental (because Anastasia knew exactly what it was, since Caesura had talked of them in the past) and it went to hover over Embry's still form. It gently lowered itself over her and the glow softened, and then it looked as if the apprentice were surrounded by a faint, glowing veil of light. Eveyrone looked aboslutely amazed and stunned, and the Doctor chuckled. "I'm sorry if I startled you. This is magic from my own home world. You see, we have these beings called elementals, which have complete control over one of the eight elements. If you can befriend one of the elementals, then you can also summon them and use their magic to your advantage. Lumina is our elemental of Light, obviously, and if there is any darkness or evil about Embry then I'm certain that she will pick it up."

Oh, that thing was a girl? Anastasia had always thought the elementals were genderless, at least that's how they had been described. She took a step inside the room, closer to the light, despite Ranna;s yelling. In fact it chased the Heartless away, leaving her to deal only with Isataxansa, who actually seemed to be reveling in the light.

Hey, I can enjoy light just like you can, the Nobody snapped, although not as harshly as she usually would have.

((I thought I'd leave it up to Char to see if he finds anything. Maybe Emrby's injuries are not from darkness, or maybe it's just too well hidden.))
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