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Default What's your"s is Minkey

read after

Ding! Yes! I caught the Poliwag! I held the pokeball into the air and… It was gone! I looked all around and started freaking out. I looked everywhere, although I didn’t find my newly caught poliwag’s pokeball, I found some old pokemon food, an injured Caterpie witch I fed, and a trail of empty potion bottles. I followed the trail to pokemon and found…. Wow. I still dream about it to this day. It was a huge, beautiful orchard with tons of flowers being tent to by Cleffa and Igglybuff, there was a huge pond with a beautiful waterfall pouring into it with little water spouts here and there, and the pokemon, the pokemon! There were all kinds of pokemon there. Big, little, red, blue, new old, you name it. And as I was looking around, I saw a pokeball lying on the floor. I ran over and grabbed it. It was empty. I saw Poliwag splashing in the water. I ran over and said, “Poliwag, what happened?” “Poli-poli. Poliwag.” I couldn’t understand it but I assumed he said it’s nice to see me. All the sudden I heard and angry, deep breathing behind me. I turned around and nearly dropped Poliwag’s pokeball. I saw a Mankey with flaming eyes and my hat on side ways on his head. Like all Mankey’s, he was a small monkey like pokemon who was light tan all except for his stubby little feet, his small little paws, and the end of his long, curly tail. His nose was of the same figure as a pig. He had small eyes that were very bright and two small little pointy ears. “Hey!” I yelled. I jumped at him but he jumped into the canopy. I fell on the hard, cold ground and felt him land on me. For a little Mankey I must admit he was heavy. He jumped of and ran of with Poliwag and my hat.
Chimchar decided to let himself out of his pokeball and stood near my head. “Chim?” he said quietly. “I’m alright, let’s go get Poliwag.” I said, pushing myself up of the ground. We ran through the forest for hours before we found them. Hiding in the bushes we saw them in an opening. And there I saw it, the one thing that angered me the most that day. Mankey had given Poliwag to Ferraligator. I got so mad that Chimchar had to hold my mouth shut to keep me from bursting out in rage. I calmed down and whispered, “Thanks”.
We looked back and saw Ferraligator walking away with Poliwag slung over his shoulder and Mankey walking with him. Chimchar and I started talking about what just happened and we followed them. We eventually got to a cave. We were about to step in when a hand pulled me back.
I turned around to see what this was, and it was a powerful looking blue human like pokemon with a white karate shirt and white pants on and a black belt on. Sawk. Me and Chimchar immediately got into battle positions.” Chimchar, flame wheel!” I said with determination. Chimchar started rolling, caught on fire, and slammed into the Sawk. Sawk took almost no damage. Sawk returned the favor with a close combat attack. Chimchar went flying and landed roughly. He got up and ran over to Sawk. Sawk punched at Chimchar, but Chimchar slid under it on his back on the ground. Chimchar got under Sawk and used flamethrower. “Wow,” I said as Sawk fell unconscious. Chimchar ran over to me. “You can use flamethrower?” I asked. He nodded conceitedly. “Alright, let’s go,” I said. We walked in the cave and I couldn’t believe my eyes.
In the cave, stacked to the ceiling, were piles of caged pokemon, complaining and weeping. Poliwag was among them. In front of the cages, were Mankey, Ferraligator, a Vibrava, and a beaten up Primeape tied to a chair. Among them were a tall human with a black suit, red cape, and red spiky hair. Chimchar and I hid behind a rock and watched. Mankey looked up questionably at the man. “No. We still need you. Capture the intruder.” He responded.
Mankey jumped up, climbed over the ceiling, and dropped down on top of me. He hit Chimchar and me over the rock. “Well, well,” Said the man. “I’m Nick. Your familiar with Ferraligator and Mankey, am I correct?” I nodded and said, “Why’d you take my Poliwag?!” “You see, Mankey works for us because we threat him with his mother. We have him steal pokemon so we can rule the world. But you know too much. Vibrava, dragon claw.” Vibrava, a small, pale bug body with two horns, six small black legs, and four triangle green wings, flew at Chimchar, made his hands glow blue, and slammed Chimchar into a wall with it. Then Vibrava picked us up, flew us out of a cave, and dropped us into a lake. “Hugh. We’ve got to save Primeape and Poliwag,” I said. Chimchar nodded. We got out of the lake and went to the cave. Everything was gone except Mankey, beaten up and hatless.
Leaning over the once powerful looking monkey, I said in a soft voice, “Mankey, are you alright?” He grinned. I suddenly realized I had been set up. He jumped up and uppercutted me in the face. I stumbled back and fell, barely catching myself on my hands. He wiped of the dust and pulled out my hat from his fir. He put it on and angrily yelled at me. Chimchar and I backed away slowly as he backed us up toward a wall. “Mankey, you don’t have to do this!” I said. “We can work together to save Primeape! They’re the ones who imprisoned her anyway!” Mankey stopped as his angry face disappeared. He looked as if he was thinking it over. He looked away and scratched his head as if he was embarrassed. He got over it and helped us up. “Where’d they go, Mankey?” I asked him. He ran of into the cave. “Hey!” I said following me. Chimchar followed close behind. Eventually we saw a light in the distance. Once we got to the light, I was wowed. The walls of the cave were risen up and the floor was an airplane landing. We got to the edge where Mankey was standing, staring into the distance. I followed his eyesight and saw a plane. The plane was small, and I assumed it could carry about one maybe two Salamence. It was camouflage. It was old fashioned, one big wing going over the top and a propeller on the nose of the plane. “I’ve got a plan. Chimchar, get me and Mankey over you, aim your tail at the plane, and use your best flamethrower you can!” I said to Chimchar. Mankey got in a piggyback position on Chimchar, while I hugged on tight from behind. “This would work much better with Poliwag,” I muttered. Chimchar used his move in which he makes a huge blast of fire one the floor and we went flying. That might have been the most exiting point of my pokemon journey. I barely got a hold on the tail of the plain with Mankey, one hand on my foot and the other on the hat, and Chimchar, both hands tightly holding onto Mankey’s tail and eyes closed, were dangling. They climbed up onto the plane and helped me up. I pusted a window with my fist and we jumped into the aircraft. I hit Nick out of the plane and Ferraligator and Vibrava jumped out to save him. We took control of the plane and landed it in the small paradise where I first met Mankey. We released all the pokemon and I returned Chimchar and Poliwag. Primeape and Mankey hugged and Primeape gave me a pokeball and pointed towards Mankey, who was smiling. I threw the pokeball at Mankey and the pokeball went wiggle a few times. I couldn’t wait. But just then, two things happened: I realized the pokeball captured Mankey and my hat, and there, in the distance, was a huge cloud of dust…

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