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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Ailith Lior, Kokoro Maimi, and Kumori
Light, Apprentices
Everlastia, Mess Hall

He raised his fist--bad move. Really bad move. Ailith reached her own hand up to catch the blow, however, the blow never came. She caught a flash of purple out of the corner of her eye just before it wrapped around the bully's wrist like a living slap bracelet, jerking his arm back with the force. She turned her gaze on the boy with the book in his hand and the purple ribbon coming out of one of his sleeves, and she glared at him. She watched at he beat up the guy with the ribbons that shot out of his sleeve (magic, she was sure) and ended up sending the group packing, but she wasn't happy in the slightest. that had been her fight, not his. Yes, she had jumped in because of Kumori, but Kumori, if he had been allowed to fight, probably would have put the bully in the healer's wing for a rather substantial amount of time if he hand't killed him, so he couldn't be allowed to fight like that. She, on the the other hand, would have simply beaten him until she had gotten an apology for both Kumori and herself, but that was out the window now, and now the guys were threatening to get ribbon-boy back. Ailith was pretty sure that the guys wouldn't have come back if she'd sent the guy packing, but that meant she would get a chance to make him apologize in the future... She turned to look at ribbon boy again, only to find his nose buried back in the book.

Un. Freaking. Believable. How did one go from being the hero to most of those in the cafeteria who had bullied to having their nose shoved in a book? "I didn't ask for help." She said flatly. "I could have taken him myself, I would have preferred it, actually." She told him before turning back to see how things were going with Kokoro and Kumori.

Oh, no...

She took one look at Kumori's face almost buried in Kokoro's shoulder, and saw Kokoro's lips moving, but heard nothing due to the fact she was whispering too softly to hear to know he'd either hurt her or come entirely too close to it. This was going to tear his sanity to shreds if he kept it up; it tore tore him to pieces every time he hurt someone when he got that way. Particularly Kokoro.

Especially Kokoro.

She was concerned for him for a moment, and then she saw Rush's face. He'd quite obviously seenwhatever it was Kumori had done while her back was turned. She had heard some of Kokoro's protests while arguing with the bully, but hadn't seen what had happened, and whatever it was had obviously bothered him. Ione simply looked out of place among all the apparent joy at the bully's beating at the hands of ribbons summoned by a bookworm. It appeared an explanation would be in order, and she was probably going to have to be the one to give it. How, she wasn't too sure.

"What happened? I didn't see." The Angel asked softly, approaching Kokoro and Kumori. The snowy-haired boy just barely lifted his head to glance at her while wearing a look of sheer misery before re-burying his face in his friend's shoulder.

"I blew it." He mumbled into Kokoro's shoulder, which came out as a muffled mess as Kokoro patted his arm gently.

"He snapped. Nearly slapped me, but he regained control before then. No harm done." The brown-haired girl replied softly, Ailith nodded. At least he had gotten a handle on it fast this time, if they had to, it would be fairly easy to lie about it, say he was just a bit tired and had gotten snappish because of it. Thankfully it appeared that more attention had been focused on the bullies getting a taste of their own medicine, and not too many had seen what had gone on between them.

But Rush had. And he looked scared half to death.

"Rush saw, and he looks like he's about ready to come out of his own skin. We're gonna have to explain, Kokoro..." The girl paled visibly at that, eyebrows knitting together like she was trying to think of a way to get out of explaining. Yup, it looked like this would be up to her because Kokoro looked like she was scared to death to say anything about her friend's condition. Ailith didn't blame her--something like Kumori's problem could get him locked up somewhere in the Guild or kicked out the Guild, something both girls knew could quite possibly cause him to lose it entirely. Ailith was a bit newer to the picture with Kumori, but she had come to understand him pretty quickly with their near-constant training together due to their Masters being so close. Kokoro had spent years developing that protective attitude towards him, but Ailith had jumped on the bandwagon fairly quickly. He didn't run to her for help, but she would help him anyway because they were all training partners, part of their "unofficial family" as their Masters liked to call it, and Ailith was pretty happy to have a family she could defend the members of rather than having a family where your family members were constantly telling you to do one thing or another because "a proper member of the Guard did not display such horrific behavoir."

She would gladly take defending a "family member" over listening to a member of her real family chastise her. Ailith sighed "I got it." She murmured to Kokoro before she then turned her gaze to Rush.

"Look, I know that kind of expression. You saw Kumori, didn't you?" Her voice wasn't unkind, but more stressed. How did you try to convince someone that your friend's somewhat insane and cold display was just a slight problem he had? "'s hard for me to explain, I don't know about it as well as Kokoro, but...that wasn't really him. Please, don't be afraid of him, it tears him up, and that only makes it worse... Gah, I suck at this!" She muttered, shaking her head like a dog quickly before producing another pocky stick and nibbling on the end a little bit before she continued. "Look, I promise, we'll explain later, but please calm down right now. He's really a nice guy, he doesn't deserve the problem he's dealing with, and he's dealing with a really big problem... would that explanation suffice right now?" She asked, fumbling in her explanation. Kokoro couldn't help but smile slightlyas she tried to comfort Kumori, at least the Angel was trying.

OOC: Poor Ailith, trying to explain so hard!

EDIT: Wow...this is kinda long...

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