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Default Re: New Horizons: Dark Arceus [all-inclusive mon/morph/trainer/wild/etc]

OOC: Before I start I would just like to say I am IMMENSLY sorry that this is so late! THANK YOU ALL for being so patient!


Eric Marx
Hidden Cave, Sinnoh

Some dreams are just a gateway to the past…

Marx Family Estate, Unova
Afternoon, several years ago…

Eric sat on the chair in the dining room, sorting through his mail as he usually would while the rest of his family ran about and played games around the house. His skin was lightly tanned, his muscles in great shape from his sword training, the large blade leaning against the chair as he tossed the junk mail through the paper shredder, instead looking at one letter bearing the stamp of an official Pokemon professor. Intrigued, he opened it up curiously, pulling out a card and a business letter, handwritten.

Reading it, he could soon hardly contain his excitement. Professor Oak in Kanto had written him back, offering him congratulations at becoming one of his researchers in Pokemon/Human blood relations. He could hardly contain his excitement as his Raichu read the letter with him, smiling that her trainer was happy. The next few moments were a blur to him, telling the family, saying his goodbyes, and heading out for Castelia Port, where a boat was sent by the Professor himself to take him to Kanto.

Pokemon Research Lab, Johto
14 months ago...

Eric stood in his researcher's coat, holding a vial of blood his Raichu willingly gave up and a vial of his own blood. He was walking towards his lab, something he still couldn't believe he had, where he assigned to test mixing Pokemon blood with Human blood. Walking in, he set both vials into the mixer and began to observe the results for the first time. After a few minutes of watching, you were astonished by the results. Taking the newly mixed blood, he set it into the filter as it started to attempt to separate it.

"No way..." He stared in awe at the results before picking up the phone hastily. "Professor! You need to see this!" He tried not to shout into the line, looking at the blood that had become inseparable once fused.

Pokemon Research Facility, Johto
8 months ago...

Eric sat in a cell, fur growing over his body, ears flattened on the sides of his head and Raichu ears and a similar tail growing from his body. He had a bandaged and bloody arm from a month ago, when his blood mixed with his Raichu's. Now, he had been caged like an animal, left only the possessions he brought with him, all contact with the outside world lost. However, the one possession they forgot to take away from him was his sword, leaning against the wall nearby as his eyes gazed over to it.

Goldenrod City
3 months ago...

Hiding in an alleyway, Eric held a bloodstained sword, rags covering his form loosely as he moved through the shadows of the night, overloading security systems and stealing what he could to survive. With control over his electrical abilities, he had become more dextrous and flexible, as well as gaining heightened abilities. All he needed now was a way out on the boat he hid away nearby, the coastline closed at the time due to an oil spill. Electricity dancing on his cheeks, he prepared to infiltrate the department store in front of him...

Aria Rals
Hidden Cave, Sinnoh

Some dreams are nightmares...

Pokemon Research Facility Johto
3 months ago...

Aria sat huddled in a corner, cringing at the sounds of yelling and beatings carrying through the walls of the facility as she hid in the air ducts. She knew they were looking for her, looking to take her back to her cell, place her under more experimentation. She was a mere plaything to these people, not a person, not an equal, an utter toy, meant to be broken and discarded once she outlived her usefulness. She wouldn't give them that chance. Ever since she became a pokemon morph, she could hear things much sharper that she once could not even hear a whisper of.

Gathering her courage again, she moved slowly through the air ducts, able to see the faintest glompses of natural sunlight after a few hours of moving.

[Zen's dream to be posted later]
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