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Daniel Redrock and Drauvant Domini
Alignment: Deviant - Grafix and WAE - Tungz
Location: Outskirts of San Fran, CA
ARPers: Winter_Cherry (Allen Whiteflower, Shiba Set, and Argeno Balk)

Domini swore, loud and proud, letting out a string of curses that might have made a sailor blush. As the truck motored away, making loud, complaining noises and spitting clouds of noxious smoke that was dark even for WAE eyes, Domini watched, trying to make out the license plate but only able to see the first number. This was fuel on the fire, and his animated swearing grew louder. However, he did manage to get a good glimpse of the car itself, and the odd girl riding in the bed. He whipped out his phone, ready to call backup. He had a strong feeling that the drivers of the truck were Deviants - who else would be abetting a Deviant? And Deviants needed to stop being so Devious... Or simply be forever silenced.


Daniel squished himself as far into the seat as possible as the truck roared. He hated cars he hated cars hehatedcars. But then again, when it came down to it, he'd pick an agonizing truck ride over being kidnapped by a WAE official any freaking day.

He could hear one of his rescuers - a girl named Shiba, he was pretty sure - yelling at some girl in the truck bed, but he was too wrapped up in his thoughts to really pay attention. He had no doubt that Cyrus was worried about him. But there was no time to contact Cyrus now - anyway, Daniel really needed to focus on making sure these people in the truck were friends. Because if this was the infamous WAE enforcer Daniel was thinking of, he would need all the friends he could get.

"Um," gulped Daniel rather lamely, "thanks for saving my life. Like, thanks a lot."

Cyrus Nelvenmig and Fury
Alignment: For the Deviants
Location: The outskirts of Inau, near Umecit.
ARPers: Those fighting the Antitivity.

Fury shot Cyrus a worried glance. The Lumanx was frozen, staring at the great iron dragon. Fury roared at him. "Wake up, Cyrus! Want to die?"

Cyrus managed to shake himself out of his trance. Most of the Antitivity were gone, and the ones that were still alive seemed to be retreating. Fury sprang at one that was too slow to escape her wrath - a large dog with shrubs growing on its back. She smacked it into the air with a huge paw, her claws tearing its fur. The Antitivity were either near the dragon and about to be dead, or they were running back to wherever they had come from.

"I told you we'd be fine," Fury said, sidling over to Cyrus. Her friend smiled weakly in response.

"Right... " Fury rolled her eyes and glanced at the other parts of the battlefield. She still couldn't see any major problems. A Tasmanian devil was gearing up to defend itself and the spherical blue Sona beside it. Two human females and an odd silver dragon that appeared to be made of ink were hanging back. The iron dragon was blowing something up.

"Looks like we're not really needed," Fury remarked.

"Not really," Cyrus admitted. "But I'd prefer to stay now that we have allies. Reinforcements may be coming."
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