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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01 (Woods)


Ranger Ivy Frost


“What's so funny?” Ivy asked Jathan. “I see Dual grinning over there,” she teased. She knew the two were probably having some sort of mental conversation, but she wasn't going to intrude. It was fun to watch Jathan's reactions though, so she still teased.

The Lickitung was still stomping around, and she could practically feel its power growing as it worked itself up. At least, that's what she thought. The shift in the air could be coming from something else, she supposed, though she didn't know what. Her eyes glanced over at the pattern in the grass and got a bad feeling.

“Alright, Dual, let's try something a little different from normal,” Jathan said, breaking her out of her thoughts. “Psych Up its Work Up, then hit it with a Low Sweep.”

Ivy hadn't seen Psych Up used in a long time. The Gallade struck forward as his body began to glow steadily brighter. He was studying the changes Lickitung had undergone and was attempting to copy them. The nice thing about that was that he didn't have to undergo the same process, meaning he could keep his cool head instead of getting angry like the Normal-type was doing. That was probably good, as a powerful Pokémon like Dual running rampant would be big trouble.

Dual rushed in for the Low Sweep, dashing and then sliding like people did when they played baseball. His legs reached out and slammed into the Lickitung, knocking it backward as it tumbled and flopped through the grass. Getting hit in the legs like that wasn't pleasant for anyone, and usually the impact left a Pokémon staggering for a minute, making it hard to move as well as they could before. That would give Dual a little more time to use his next move.

However, the Lickitung chose then to strike back. The grasses rattled and thrashed as if a heavy wind had blown up, and then thick vines suddenly appeared, lashing out at the Psychic. Dual was hit as he tried to bring his arms up in an X to defend himself. The move made him stagger backward though, putting his next action on hold.

Ivy, still curious, hopped up on top of the stump again. There was something not right about that grass, and she was going to figure out what it was. She couldn't see it herself though, so she needed a little help.

“Haji, can I borrow your sight? I want to see what's going on here,” she asked her silent partner.

“Of course,” he said, and then in a whirl, the world darkened and reappeared in flashes of color.

It was a little disorienting at first, seeing the energy signatures instead of actual objects. It worked a bit like Chainy's scouter, only everything was put into the mode. Lucky for her, everything pretty much had a tiny bit of energy at least, so it was in some shade. There wasn't anything that was empty blackness. It made her senses more susceptible too, so she caught the energy gathering around Dual as he was forming a Future Sight.

Then, suddenly, a blast came from the Lickitung's last position. It wasn't physical, but mental instead. There was a flash, sort of like a static jolt on a television, and then the energy Dual had been using abruptly cut off. “Disable,” Haji said absently. That's what she thought.

Once the jolt had passed, she looked back over to the grass, feeling an energy coming from it. She made a small noise when she saw what was going on.

The grass was alight with energy, and it was clearly drawn in the same pattern the Lickitung had been traveling. A ring formed the majority of it, and there were some unfinished lines running in the center. Why was it here? The first thought that came to her mind was ritual, but somehow that seemed out of place.

“Why so?” Haji asked. “What are rituals but techniques without designs?” He was right of course. Rituals were just like stat up moves like Work Up. They both granted power, only one was on a much larger scale than the other.

Something about this one wasn't right though. The energy wasn't exactly good and uplifting. In fact, it might be the cause of Lickitung's anger, since it had been messing with this for a while. Something to watch out for.

She turned and called out to Jathan to tell him what she saw. She forgot that she was on the stump though, and since she was using Haji's energy sight, she stumbled. She caught herself before she fell, getting control of her body, but she stepped off her vantage point and landed on the ground a little harder than necessary.

Jathan was bright against the low energy of the ground, so he was easy to get to once she had her feet under her. “Jathan, look at this,” she said as she reached for his sleeve. Once she made contact, Haji would be able to make him see what she was seeing. Dual was busy, so this was the better option.

Before he could answer or react, the earth suddenly colored with energy and came alive. It rushed like a wave at Dual, though Ivy didn't think hitting him was the objective. Instead, rivets and small mountains were created across the field, and mixed with the tall grasses, the Lickitung was nowhere in sight. Even Ivy couldn't see it, since the ground had so much life running through it. Everything blended together in a big sea of color.


Current Battle Stats:

??? ??? Lickitung: 73% [Atk/SpAtk+1][Spe-1][Used Power Whip, Disable, and Bulldoze]
Serious M Gallade: 89% [Atk/SpAtk+1][Spe-1][Disabled: Future Sight][Used Psych Up, Low Sweep, and Future Sight]


Trainer Stats

Name: Chainy
Location: Woods
4 Encounters Remaining
Hi-Def Scyther Disk: 5/5
Area Effects: It's nice out.
Pokémon Encountered: Ninjask, Kricketune, Wigglytuff, Archen, Joltik, Drapion, Bellsprout, Shelmet, Karrablast, Mothim, Lickitung
Pokémon Captured: Hasty F Joltik
MCR: 5,868/15,000 [Borderline Rank]

Picture Value: 1,500

Items: 3x Park Ball; 4x SuperBall; 4x HyperBall; 2x Calming Fragrance Plus; 17x PokeDoll; 5x Honey; Squirtbottle; Pokeplayer; Digital Camera; Blank Disk x2; 7x Lava Cookie; Status Bomb x2; Love Potion; Max Revive x2; Premium Honey; Pax-A-Punch; Digital Camera Zoom Lens; Heal Potion; 4x Full Heal; 2x Max Potion; Supreme Park Ball; Glossy Lens; High-Def Voice Disk (Scyther)

Pokémon Stats

Dual the Gallade (Male) @ 89%
Serious Nature
Justified DW Ability
HM/TM: HM01-Cut, HM04-Strength, HM05-Flash, HM08-Rock Smash, TM06-Toxic, TM24-Thunderbolt, TM26-Earthquake, TM33-Reflect, TM44-Rest, TM45-Thunder Wave, TM48-Rock Slide, TM50-Substitute, TM58-Psych Up, TM59-Hidden Power[ROCK], TM60-Sunny Day, TM65-Rain Dance, TM67-Endure, TM71-Return, TM72-Shadow Ball, TM76-Sleep Talk, TM82-Attract, TM88-Focus Punch, TM93-Bulk Up, TM95-Taunt, TM96-Light Screen, TM98-Brick Break, TM101-Rock Tomb, TM102-Aerial Ace, TM103-Torment, TM106-Skill Swap, TM107-Snatch, TM117-Drain Punch, TM118-Will-o-Wisp, TM123-Recycle, TM126-Stone Edge, TM132-X-Scissor, TM134-Cross Poison, TM139-Trick Room, TM147-Low Sweep, TM159-Bulldoze
BM/SM/MT: Confuse Ray, Shadow Sneak, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Pain Split, Encore, Thunderpunch, Wish, Mean Look, Mirror Coat, Vacuum Wave, Disable, Destiny Bond, Trick, Memento, Zen Headbutt, Magic Coat

Koma the Bisharp (Male)
Brave Nature
Defiant Ability
HM/TM: HM01-Cut, TM06-Toxic, TM45-Thunder Wave, TM50-Substitute, TM64-Protect, TM95-Taunt, TM98-Brick Break, TM125-Rock Polish, TM126-Stone Edge, TM132-X-Scissor
BM/SM/MT: Psycho Cut, Sucker Punch

Saya the Ninetales (Female) @ 70%
Gentle Nature
DW Drought Ability
HM/TM: TM22-Solarbeam, TM50-Substitute, TM64-Protect, TM108-Energy Ball, TM111-Overheat


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
-"Day at the Zoo" by Bumblebee

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