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Default Re: [Something different, I hope] New Horizons, part 1 [all inclusive pokemon/morph r

Kay, am lacking sleep and in a horrible mood, just to warn you all...

ultimate (cool name), since you're coming in late you will have to read through what we've done so far and mail me a summary of the plot and the characters involved up till now. Also, the information in the signup seems fine, like I said this roleplay is for anything and everything so long as you can prove you're not illiterate after a few posts, but like I said in the sign-up criteria I don't want character history in the sign-up. It's still okay so long as you can provide a summary. Also, I think Ghost and Julien are going to have a few conflicts.

Julien: B-b-b-but, it was not me, Veilstone wasn't, I, but, they weren't, I didn't, no one could prove it was me! *whimpering*
Riley: Are you seriously going to cry about this?
Julien: *sniffles* No. *trembling*
Riley: *stares in disgust and shakes head slowly* Just...pathetic...
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