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Default Re: Team StormRiders [PG-13] [Chapter 36: Like Father, Like Son]

Wow. Teleportation gone bad O.o

Thanks for the apt observation, Shadow.

Erhem. Virok is evil, I want to kill him. I wish I could have a villain that awesome...The closest I can think of is "villain" from Sanguine Snow.

Rye's a bit crazy in his Dark Form, isn't he? I find it funny Rye and Skye, two names that rhyme and are similar in personality, both have crazy sides that grin like idiots XD 'Course, Rye is in control, so that's a good difference.

The ending is interesting...I'm still betting Zanna is going to get the Shadow Poison >.>

Skye: A father should care for his child no matter the circumstances. When that is lost...He is no longer a father, but a monster. The sense of betrayal for the child will be horrendous, perhaps maddening. But where does this all lead?

...Namely, I just want to kill the bastard myself.

...Only Skye could say something like that and pull it off with a serious look and yet still be terrifying ^^' I feel the same way, though. You are so great with words. TEACH ME O WISE ONE. TEACH ME TO WRITE LIKE THIS AND TO DRAW AWESOME ART. NAO!
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