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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01 (Woods)

The Lickitung stopped thinking about its design and watched me closely through slitted eyes. I had no idea what was going through its head and whether it would accept my challenge. If it didn't, I wouldn't be able to capture it - I refused to make Pokemon battle against their will. It'd be a pity, because this Lickitung was exactly the kind of Pokemon I was looking for - a bit of a challenge, but definitely do-able.

The phrase rose a memory in my head and I blushed, quickly blanking my mind. I knew that Haji had telepathic powers and I didn't want him picking up on it. Hell, Dual would possibly send the memory to Ivy if he thought the result would be humorous.

<Don't tempt me.> the Psychic-type chuckled. I looked angrily at him; more proof the ******* was keeping tabs on my thoughts.

Hey, it's -your- Trainer I'm covering for, not me, I replied furiously.

<I think James is being overly cautious and stupid.> Dual sniffed. <If he had any balls he'd just do something about it.>

I didn't say anything, but I partially agreed. Thank Arceus I didn't have any of these problems on the farm.

Finally the Normal-type nodded and stepped away from the pattern in the grass. Once it was away from its creation, the Lickitung began to stomp around and flail its limbs. It appeared very unhappy and angry in general. I couldn't quite figure out what it was doing - I'd never seen any technique quite like it.

<It's a Work Up,> Dual informed me as he stepped forward.

Huh, I've never seen one like that, I replied. The Lickitung appeared to be getting rageful on purpose, planning to use that anger to fuel its attacks in the battle. All the Work Ups I had seen so far, however, got the Pokemon excited for the upcoming battle, creating a sense of nervous energy. It seemed to me that the negative version of Work Up was cruder and far less effective, not to mention detrimental to the Pokemon's emotional health. I resolved to fix the Lickitung's point of view as soon as possible after I captured it.

"Alright Dual, let's try something a little different from normal," I said to him. "Psych Up its Work Up, then hit it with a Low Sweep."

The Gallade concentrated on his opponent, and his body became sheathed in a faint white light. I knew that he was assessing the improvements the Lickitung had made to itself and was applying those changes to his own body through a combination of complete physical control and psychic ability. When the light dimmed, he began to run towards the Lickitung. His legs would scythe underneath the fat Wild Pokemon, hopefully damaging its legs or feet and rendering it slower than usual.

As he ran, the Gallade sent a message back to me. <All is not well. I am going to prepare a Future Sight in case of catastrophe.>

Good call. I nodded. As he approached the Lickitung a purple light wrapped around his head, reaching up his horn, and I knew from experience that the majority of the aura centered on his eyes. Using his Future Sight, if there was something dangerous upcoming, he would have a better chance of lessening the damage, of perhaps dodging it entirely.
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