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Default Re: Team StormRiders [PG-13] [Chapter 36: Like Father, Like Son]

Originally Posted by Max0596 View Post
A THREE part? :O colour me suprised. And ecstatic.

...But I can't find any errors :< *grammar nazi part of me dies* awwh.

Anyway, I like the way you did this chapter. And poor misunderstood Altair. I loved that part, by the way, think it really captured her confusion and anger at the time. Bad, bad Rye, being mean to Zanna like that! MY REVIEW IS ALL OVER THE PLACE! I liked the beginning too, the way you start your chapters off is really just cool to me. The ending confuses me. She lost an arm? Ouch >.>

Closing statement here, I just didn't want to be a hipocrite. I'm always hoping people comment on my story, when I should be doing the same to others. "Do onto others as you want done onto you."

THREE PAAAAARRTT. Granted the third part is really small, but STILL. *colours with rainbow pen* x3

Haha, I went over it once and changed quite a few mistakes, so most of it should be good now, I hope.

He is a little. He tries to do his best for Zanna, but his jealousy over Rye bites at him. xD Kind of awesome that he and Zanna are linked, but also bad in a way. It's like two halves of one being, and each can sense or feel the other. NO SECRETS. That would suck. x.x

Thanks! Oh, and the ending will be confusing until the start of the next chapter. xD Then you'll know what happened. So totally thanks for reading, Cody. I love seeing comments. :D

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