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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Ione (Iolanthe)
Apprentice, Light
Mess Hall, Everlastia

“Oh,” A slight pause, “well… that’s alright.” ” Rush had replied, hints of disappointment present in his voice. However, the grin on his face would indicate otherwise, and this, Ione returned. She quite enjoyed the positive acknowledgement, something that was all too rarely given to her. Wyn was about the only one that really seemed pleased with the girl’s work, but even then, it wasn’t like this. There seemed to be some sort of invisible barrier between the Master and his student, one that she’d picked up some time ago. Yet, once it was detected, realisation hit, Ione wasn’t able to recall it having been any other way. She was incapable of remembering any event that may have caused it, but actual memories were starting to fail her. Ever since that blast of light hit, nobody really knew what was happening. That, however, wasn’t new to Iolanthe, nobody really understood her. Darkness…

It was then that she finally ceased her pessimistic spiral, pulling her gaze from the ground back to the line. Things hadn’t shifted too much, although some progress had been made. Unlike the others, however, who seemed to be getting increasingly annoyed, Ione was actually starting to enjoy this. It was nice to be with people that… treated her like a normal human being, not a “human Heartless” as they so kindly stated.

However, like all good things, this too had to end. A figured rudely brushed by her, one she did not recognise. He didn’t seem to pay the girl any heed though, and instead decided to focus his attention on Rush. Without any permission or indication, the well-built boy pulled the blonde’s cap over his face. As if that wasn’t mean enough, the bully proceeded to jerk him forward in attempt to continue cutting in line.

Even though she knew this character would be unable to see it, Ione’s pale eyes turned to daggers, only wishing they could inflict actual pain. Somehow, it felt satisfying.

"Hey, what's your problem?!" the brunette girl, however, had opted for a verbal response, one that the bully didn’t respond to. Her angelic friend, on the other hand, did give a reply.
“Hey, big guy, what’s the matter? Forgot your blankie?”

The light haired boy that had needed comforting earlier, well, he didn’t take kindly to the insult. The tone used to deliver his response was dark, merciless, almost bone chilling. Luckily, his friends stepped in…

…which only seemed to change the heat places, as sparks soon flew between the jerks and the taller girl. Now, Ione was growing uncomfortable, she didn’t want a fight to break, and the situation was only worsening. Instead of going to get help, however, she vowed to wait, but only a little longer.

Once the word “hurt” was tossed in, that’s when Iolanthe drew the line. Not much time had eclipsed and threats were already being made. Other students curiously started to listen in; silently hoping the moron posse would get it, finally. Silent anticipation started to build, although before any could react, something completely unexpected happened…

Ribbon. Yes, such a simple word, but that’s really what happened. Purple ribbon began antagonising the bully, first his fist, which had been drawn, but it didn’t stop there. He jerked his head away from the angel, and instantly locked eyes with another. Ione quickly turned, only to spot an unfamiliar fellow, clad in cloak. She was impressed rather than afraid, and watching the brute get terrorized by ribbon of all things was an amusing sight.

Finally, he was concurred, victory belonged to the magic user, who had knocked his target down. To add further insult to injury, the bully was sent away, quite literally.

A round of applause soon broke out, the occasional cheer standing out. So many had wanted such a thing to happen, that much of clear...

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