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Originally Posted by LordVile View Post
It's a nice team there but there are a few things you could change to make it better. Firstly i would give Latios Choice Specs if your using draco meteor because you will be switching out alot and the extra boost helps alot, then if you do that change recover to Psyshock to smash though those special walls a little easyer while getting a second stab.
Lastly i would change Tentacruel to maybe a Forretress with a set of Stealth Rocks, Spikes, Rapid Spin and Gyro Ball or filler this set works great by getting up those extra hazards so you don't need to put stealth rocks on jirachi while being a great spinner and an awesome physical wall.
I only have one problem with Latios having Choice Specs, it's just me not wanting to get him locked into a move. However, I'll still give it a shot. If it doesn't work out I could just change it, I suppose.

As for Forretress, I'll definitely give him a shot then! Thanks for the input. c:

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