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Default Re: GLiTCH~ Questions/Discussion

Sorry if this has already been addressed earlier in the thread and I missed it, but I have a particular concern for my glitch hunting:

I have set my name so that I will encounter glitch trainers for the Cinnabar Island (Old Man) Trick. I understand that glitch trainers have a possibility of causing game freezes, but I have just recently heard claims of glitch trainers causing data deletions.

Can anyone verify this personally?

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I noticed that the bulbapedia article on 'M specifically mentioned level 0 'Ms causing freezes when stored in the PC. Does this only occur for level 0 'Ms? (I notice that this problem has not been reported for any other pokemon; I have a suspicion that if only level 0 'Ms cause PC problems, the freezes may be caused by the presence of a level 0 pokemon as opposed to 'M itself causing the errors, as 'M is the only glitch I have known to occur in level 0 forms.)
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