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Default Re: [Something different, I hope] New Horizons, part 1 [all inclusive pokemon/morph r

Name: Ghost
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Appearance: A misty sphere, with two glowing red eyes and a glowing red mouth. Two disembodied claws serve as hands to manipulate material objects.
Personality: Sadistic, but sane. Despises humans for undisclosed reasons. Loves to scare.
History: Very little is known about this thing, but many think it could have some connection to Lavender Tower in Kanto. Others think he could be related to some recent murders around Veilstone, but noone knows anything for certain. However, some say he once dueled with Mew... In any case, his loyalties are clear; he fights for himself and noone else.
Other: His most powerful ability, Curse, allows him to steal the soul of anyone who gets hit by it. However, he tends to save this for the tougher foes. His type: Ghost-Dark.

And yes, he's based off the Ghost Black creepypasta.