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Umetic, Nexen
ARPers: Anyone in battle of Umetic

It was the epitome of violence, elevated to an art.

The 'colonel' did not earn his title for no reason: he fought viciously, trying to step on me with his humongous pillars known as feet with an agility not common to one who weighs several tons. I was almost crushed to death on several occasions. Levitating above him didn't help matters: his trunk got what his feet couldn't. I couldn't get distance because of the antiSonas, although that problem being resolved. The problem was time.


The elephant and the gargoyle made eye contact. The elephant visibly gasped.

That was the last expression on his face.

A long stone javelin ('thrown' by yours truly) pierced his eye. Or, as Greg would put it,"A large sharpened piece of compressed sediment entered through his orbit, pierced though his optical nerve, went through his cerebrum, impaled his cerebellum, and severed his medulla."

Ya, for you anatomy buffs, sorry for the image.

As he fell, I realized just how much energy I had been expending in my fight. And three particularly vicious-looking antiSonas surrounded me, ready for the kill.

I was screwed.
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