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Default Re: Nexen [RP]

Allen Whiteflower, Shiba Set, and Argeno Balk
Deviant Tungz, Tattu, and Graphix
Now entering San Francisco, California(USA)
ARPers: Velocity(Daniel and Domini) and Sylver(Aria)

Argeno had his foot on the pedal, he was about to slam it when there was suddenly a girl at the back window, yelling at him to drive. What the heck? Where had she-- "Gas, hon, gas!" Shiba shouted, snapping her boyfriend out of his daze, he glanced back to the girl.

"You'd better--" He started to tell back, but Al didn't let him finish.

"Get down! Gas, NOW!" The smaller girl shrieked, it wasn't a Suggestion, but an order, one that scared Argeno into slamming the gas and causing his 'Clinker' as he called it to roar and shoot forward with enough force to slam everyone in the car against the seat(and in Al's case, Shiba, who gasped as the wind was effectively knocked out of her) and who knew what happened to the girl in the bed. After a moment, Argeno eased off the accelerator only slightly, and began quickly navigating the streets he and the girls all knew so well. As this was going on, a rapid drumbeat that sounded nearly frantic picked up in her earbuds as the song on her MP3 switched. She smiled underneath her hoodie's enlongated collar, how ironic that that would come on now that they were basically running for their lives with two strangers and praying that they wouldn't get caught. With nearly the whole world against them, they were fleeing San Francisco to keep from losing themselves to a world of nothingness. It seemed that now they had revealed themselves to help out one like them, the spotlight certainly was on.

Without bothering to mention to Al that she had started bobbing her head to whatever song was playing on her MP3 player, Shiba reached behind her and yanked the back window of the truck open to address the girl in the truck bed when they were heading towards the Golden Gate bridge, back the way they came. "Would you please enlighten me as to when this truck had a 'Please hitch a ride whenever you feel like it!' sign put on it? He--" She paused to gesture at the boy in the seat next to her, "was invited. I don't even know where the heck you freaking came from!" She called back in annoyance.

"Shiba, dear..." Argeno sighed, but his girlfriend was not going to be calmed down yet.

"You'd better pray to whatever God or gods you believe in that we don't get pulled over because of you hitching a ride in the back, because if we do, the WAE won't kill you--I will!" She snarled, causing Al to turn her head and, unable to really see Shiba's face, pat the young woman's hand.

"Sorry about knocking the wind outta you." The tiny girl said softly, immediately bringing Shiba's attention to her.

"That? Nah, you're fine, you're too light to really do much more damage. For once I'm kinda glad you're tiny." Shiba replied, suddenly more calm and gentle than she had been with Aria. Argeno shook his head and sighed--this was bound to be an interesting trip. First of all, they were going to need a new car since not only had the guy following the boy now in the truck with them probably seem the clinker well enough to put the authorities on them, there was certainly not enough room for them all comfortably in the car as it was now, and the one in the bed would attract too much attention if she was seen...

Shiri Namida, Kari Penn, and Silverstreak Watermark
Umecit, Nexen
ARPers: Anyone fighting the Antitivity

It seemed that Shiri's screeching had done it's job, and with that, the Siren stopped her screeching for a breath. Now that their brains were a bit scrambled by the godawful noise, she smiled and motioned for Kari and Silverstreak to go on. "Your turn, you two!" She laughed and Kari grinned, darting over to a nearby light post that no longer worked anyway, dragging Silverstreak behind her, and completely uprooted it.

"Feel like a bit of baseball, little Shiri?" The ponytailed girl asked, and in response Shiri's liquid arms reached out, snatching a smaller, hedgehog-like Antitivity armed with ton of metal spikeson it in their grasp and flinging it with amazing speed in Kari's direction. Much to Shiri's delight, the creature balled up as it flew towards her makeshift bat. Taking over from Shiri, Silverstreak's wings extended and hooked onto the thing's spikes and yanked it even harder towards the light pole. It contacted with a shattering ring of metal-on-metal before flying directly at the side of a larger Antitivity Veza had missed and smashing into it with enough force to bowl the thing over. Most of the creatures had been taken out by the large Dragon Sona, however, and not much was left--especially close to them.

"Should we advance, or do you want us to stay back?" Kari asked as she approached Veza casually, Silverstreak trailing behind her and the light pole still in hand. Shiri, however, had seen Veza'a display with fire and opted to keep her distance.

OOC: Spotlight by Mutemath is what Al's listening to, and I can totally picture that entire section going to this song as a music video in my head.

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