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Amiel Sable
Deviant Tuner
Off of Highway 5, USA
ARPer's: Erai

Being offered bread behind a gas station by a random stranger was certainly not on my expectations list. Then again anything could happen and usually random stuff like this was good news. Plus, it was free food…then again it could have been poisoned…there were so many things to consider. Still, no one made bread of that caliber that was WAE…however maybe this person was trying to trap a WAE and bring them to their senses? I’m starting to think my head drawls on a bit too much.

I removed my helmet and sat down on the ground, figuring what the hell. This guy was cheery, showing more emotion than a crowd of WAE affected. I wondered if he noticed my bandana was midnight blue. He seemed to be staring for some reason. Maybe out of shock, but then he went a bit quiet. I knew that was a good sign, this guy seemed to be a Deviant. He was more emotional, even the grey clothing wasn’t typical, for some reason. It wasn’t dull and lifeless, though monochrome in the past ould be seen as such, here, there was a difference. I waited until he was finished possibly talking to his Sona before speaking again.

“May as well. Haven’t had a decent meal in awhile.”

I took a knife from my back pocket and cut the steaming loaf. I ignored the fact it was hot bread out of a fire, though I helped I was wearing my bike gloves to prevent any burns. I looked at it; the smell was wonderful and just looking at it seemed like art. I slowly took a bite of it.

To be honest, it was the best thing I had tasted in a few months. My mind couldn’t comprehend what it was all at the time, besides absolutely amazing. Still, I ate slowly, but at the same time I really wanted to pull out my compact mixing board and portable speakers I had on the back of my bike and start playing something. I continued eating slowly, and by the time I was more than halfway through the piece, I heard Veza’s voice in my head.

‘…the hell that come from?’

‘I’m eating real food Veza. Not dulled down crap. Actual food. Homemae…or rather behind a gas station made bread.’

‘…I’ll ask later, but whaever it was…helped me out a lot just now.’

I would ask later, I knew Veza was in a fight. I looked at the stranger, still having the bread in my one hand.

“Are you…a Paletz?”

It was a long shot question, as those guys were scarcer, if not just as scarce as Enginez were. I had a strong feeling this guy was.

Veza Ryngsen
Umecit, Nexen
ARPer's: Anyone involved in the Antitivity battle

Hostiles remaining: approximately fifty percent. Many larger objectives completely disabled or annihilated. Engaging in smaller infantry class units.

Veza rolled back into her ball form just as Shiri began to scream, blocking out much of the sound to a point where it didn’t bother her. She could hear a bit of it, but she wasn’t focusing on that, and thus, made herself completely deaf to it. She was a lit with violent flames, literally bowling over smaller humanoids in armor at a fast rate. She went back and forth again, and when she found it time to see her results, she uncurled herself and stood. She didn’t expect Shiri’s screaming to make her stumble just at the sheer volume of it.

My god…that screaming…is…loud…

I had my claws over my ears. It must have been the siren girl who was working with us and my god her Deviant made her a real shout out. Wait…I was thinking like myself…damn that was some powerful noise if she could do THAT. I opened my eyes and saw almost every single Antitivity stumble at the volume of it. This was some hell of a distraction. I used one of my wings to cover up the one side of my head, and had my one hand free to make some things explode. I saw one of the giant Antitivity, and focused hard on it’s one leg. I slowly made a fist, twisting my wrist around and clenching my claws towards my palm. Making something already excited by heat explode at your control wasn’t easy. Eventually though, the entire leg combusted in glorious flame, and literally, without that leg to stand on, it came crashing to the ground, on top of some other WAE infested Sona’s that were just laying on the ground.

…I probably did that damage.

I tried seeing what else I could blow up, as I was lucky my ignition ability involved little movement and more thought. As I concentrated, I felt empowered for some reason, and quite suddenly. I felt it coming from two sources, one from Amiel and another…was that drumming? Figuring everyone wasn’t able to move, I tried talking to Amiel for a moment.

Turns out bread gave me power…that didn’t explain the drumming. I didn’t have time to go look for it, so far we were winning at the moment. The Antivitity was starting to thin out, and as it was, I look in the distance, seeing the blue ball form some sort of stony shield for himself. I had a feeling who he was attacking was someone I didn’t want to be seen by.

Well…seen by and let live anyway.
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