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Default Re: Rebirth: Legendary War (SU)

]Character Name:mark decker
]Appearance:mark has light green skin with yellow green eyes that change from time to time with a circle on his head and the regular rayquaza imprints all over his body he also has a yellow green hair he has a light blue shirt with ripped jeans and black boots
]Personality:headstrong and reckless and will do anything to harness the legends powers
]Bio:mark grew up in blackthorn city he loved pokemon and always had ever since rayquaza saved his brother from falling off a cliff ten years ago he was 5 so was his brother it started when he and his brother were playing in the forest unknowingly a cliff was beside them his brother tripped on the ball and fell of the cliff.

mark started crying when a greenlike snake shot up from the cliff rayquaza had his brother in his claws rayquaza gave back his brother and left at that moment he was forever grateful.

ten years passed when he met rayquaza again he was sleeping when thunderbolts started pouring down way harshly than other times before he heard a voice a voice that sounded like pichu crying for help he immediately shot out of his room searching the rain filled weather while he was outside the water and thunderbolts started to clear away revealing the hidden rayquaza.

"Rayquaza what are you doing here have you seen a pichu out here" mark said desperately
"I guess you've passed the test you see i've been looking for a succesor to help me save the legends"
after rayquaza told him whats going on and whats the test about mark agreed rayquaza took him to see the legends and other people who have been chosen to be successors.

but one johto trooper had seen what happened and before they could go the trooper shot mark with a light purifier clearing all the light from his body and mind controlled him to serve only for the president of johto

]Other:they found rayquaza using a legends tracker a machine that contains dna from legends pinpointing their exact locations

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