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Default Re: Diamonds of Poetries Etched in Time

So...I don't know whether anyone would be interested in the next poem. It is rather harsh with meaning, because I, as the poet, is directing this poem to a certain audience. xD

Waves of contempt, vengeance and of spite.
Malicious two-faced masks and acidic tongues.
Lowly cowards relying on pixels to hide,
such tiny things to shield them.
Dishing out rude comments is their cup of tea,
off a grimy platter full of sin.
Stupidity churns out like a hell broth.
Those fart noises and clattering sounds
they make when one passes by.
They won't leave you till their stomach is filled with nonsense
and return to their dark abodes under the bridge.

So basically I played with both meanings of the term, the folklore term and the Internet term. It was written to let off steam after I had ugly encounters with the aforementioned beings. x3 CnC~!

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