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Default Re: Favorite Eevee Evolution

Originally Posted by Max0596 View Post
Oh, it is on! XD

Vaporeon's tail I think is the most unique. Though glaceon's is cool and all, poofy flareon tail still wins.
Are you saying shiny flareons look stupid? Oh, it is ON!
I love gen IV too. Rgh, back on topic.
Anyways, my friend and me have arguments daily about which is best, and nobody ever wins. I would argue more, but I'm tired, it never ends, blah blah...

And yes, I like ponies. Problem?
IMO, I don't like cats with mermaid tails, that just grosses me out. But that's my opinion. I have never said that Shiny Flareon is stupid. I just stated that some of my favourite Pokemon look disgusting when they're Shiny. -_-

And well you shouldn't force people to like something. Neither should you throw opinions off as facts. I cannot understand how people can argue over favourites because that's just immature. Anyways I'm going to stop because this is becoming off-topic. xD

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