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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01 (Woods)

Ivy and I tried to move around the Bug-type, but it repeatedly blocked our path. Finally I let out a frustrated sigh and threw a doll over to one side. The Karrablast immediately left us alone and went over to inspect the toy. It became engrossed in watching the Kecleon-shaped object, so my Ranger and I slipped past.

It wasn't long after that when the earth shook - only slightly, but just enough to worrisome. Seconds later there was a loud crash - something heavy had fallen. I looked at Ivy and she started to say something back, but she was interrupted by the slow swoosh of gentle wingbeats. An orange / yellow moth descended from the treetops, fluttering down low. The Bug-type moved back and forth strangely, but I was too busy admiring it to wonder why.

“This one looks a little stubborn. Do you want to battle a Mothim?" Ivy asked. "They come from a split evolution line, if I'm not mistaken.”

"Yeah, the Burmy line. The other fork is Wormadam," I murmured, not really paying attention. I already had a Burmy - in fact, two of them. The first one had come from my first National Park Expedition, and the second my big brother had rescued and sent to me for safekeeping. The second one had since evolved in a Wormadam but when I offered it back to James he had declined, saying it belonged with me.

I couldn't make up my decision - Mothim weren't incredibly common, but they were fully evolved (which made them harder to train) and I already had Pokemon in its evolution line. Finally, I came to a decision.

"I'd rather just move on and leave it in its habitat," I said firmly to Ivy. "That said, if it wants to battle, I'm happy to oblige it."
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