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Default Re: Favorite Eevee Evolution

I like Glaceon....for the following reasons. xD

1. It's Ice-type, I love all Ice-type Pokemon. =3
2. Stat-wise, I don't really bother. It can be better than Espeon in some ways.
3. It's graceful, carries an air of perfect elegant, and is blue. And it doesn't have a queer tail like Vaporeon. :P
4. On a Hail team, it rocks to the max. Blizzard is nothing to laugh at. -_-
5. Shiny Glaceon is not totally colour-mutated, therefore my love with it remains. (Like Shinyness can really ruin my love for some of my favourite Pokemon)
6. It's Gen IV! I'm one of those who thinks that Gen IV is awesome! xD
7. It's not overrated, like Espeon and Umbreon. I don't follow trends because I have my own mind. :P (Not insulting anybody here.)
8. Oh heck it for the eighth reason. Glaceon is as good as gold, no wait, better than a diamond! xD

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