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Default Re: Favorite Eevee Evolution

Urge to kill...rising...

Only 62. Sixty-TWO! Seriously, I'll list the reasons.

1. Flareon is the cutest. Nononon, don't come to me saying any less, flareon is the cutest ever. Proof:Here.
2. Flareon is the one with the highest Attack. Atleast to my knowledge. Don't care if flareon has no good physical attacks to utilize it.
3. Flareon was in the original games, and is therefore awesome.
4. Flareon has no gimmics, like a three-pronged tail or glowy symbols. Flareon is just flareon.
6. I have a first-edition flareon card. Yeah, represent the epic generation. Bam.
7. Flareon is unique, not many are really avid flareon lovers.
8. Fire is the best, really. Gives the player the most challenge, like picking Charmander in Red. Which I did.

I love all the eeveelutions, but I guess Flareon has an edge, I have a few shiny flareons/eevees, I farmed for all but one, which was dumb luck in FR. No, they aren't for trade or sale. O>O

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