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Default Re: Individual RP: WinterVines


Ranger Chainy


“Toshiro, I think he's using a Dig attack. We have to be really careful. He could pop out at any second," Elena called out.

It was a good theory, and I was slightly ashamed my Trainer had figured out where the Slowbro had gone before I had. Now that she mentioned it, there was a slight rumble underground, no doubt the Slowbro tunneling around underground.

“Toshiro, use your Agility again. Try not to stay in the same place too long. Hopefully Slowbro's moving slower under the dirt, so if you're gone before he can pop out under you, you can avoid his attack. Put up some Reflect screens as you go. We need to be able to watch the whole field like once, and we can use them like mirrors. Five should do it. When he comes up, hit him with a weakened Thundershock! It should hopefully stun him enough so I can throw this,” Elena ordered, holding up a shiny enlarged Super Ball.

Toshiro nodded and began to dart around the battlefield quickly, setting up blue rectangular panes in a square shape, and the last one along the lakeside. He then continued to move, although not as fast, his eyes roaming from Reflect to Reflect, watching for the first hint of an emerging Pokemon.

Something strange began to happen. Weird lines burst from the ground, distorting my sight and bending things strangely. The distortion spread from the ground to cover a surprisingly large area. The most surprising thing, however, was that Toshiro slowed right down. It was like he was trying to run through jelly.

"It's a Trick Room!" I yelled.

Suddenly, the ground began to crumble below Toshiro. I could see his eyes move down, and the little electric fox jumped to one side using all of the speed at his disposal. The emerging Slowbro only clipped the fox, which spoke volumes to the Electric-type's battle training. He then emitted a small blast of electricity, knocking the Slowbro out of the Trick Room's area of effect. Elena didn't waste a second - she threw the device towards the Psychic-type. The ball tapped its stomach and absorbed the Wild Pokemon in a flash of red light. It wiggled side-by-side for a couple seconds before stilling. The second it did, both the Trick Room and the Reflect screens faded.

"Congratulations," I called out to Elena as I walked over to pick up the Super Ball.


Trainer Statistics:

Name: Elena
Location: The Great Lakes
Area Effects: 10 Encounters Remaining, Stunfisk Voice Disk[THREE USED]
Pokemon Encountered: ??? Lotad(?); ??? Squirtle(?); ??? Palpitoad (?); ??? Bidoof(?); Hasty Slowbro(M)
Pokemon Captured: Hasty Slowbro(M)
CC since last Encounter: 0

Pokemon Statistics:

Koko (F) - Persian
Ability: Technician
Nature: Hardy
TM/HM: U-turn, Water Pulse, Icy Wind, Psych Up, Protect, Thunderbolt, Hidden Power Flying
BM/SM/MT: None

Toshiro (M) - Jolteon - 67%
Ability: Volt Absorb
Nature: Serious
TM/HM: Hidden Power Ice, Volt Switch, Shadow Ball, Roar, Thunderbolt, Reflect, Light Screen, Substitute
BM/SM/MT: None

Fred (M) - Swampert
Ability: Torrent
Nature: Relaxed
TM/HM: Surf, Waterfall, Ice Beam, Strength, Stealth Rock, Brick Break, Roar, Avalanche, Substitute, Hidden Power Dark, Rock Slide, Bulldoze, Scald, Sleep Talk, Rest, Stone Edge, Toxic
BM/SM/MT: Curse, Yawn, Outrage, Mirror Coat, Refresh, Counter, Ice Punch

Item Statistics:

Total Items: Digital Camera, Super Potion x5, Full Heal x2, Hyperball x2, Superball x3, Parkball x5, Intermediate Voice Disk (Drilbur), Borderline Voice Disk (Stunfisk), Uncommon Voice Disk (Barboach), Uncommon Voice Disk (Meditite), Blank Disk, Poképlayer, Max Revive x2

URPG Stats

Ranger Chapter | Referee Chapter | Grader Chapter
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