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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01 (Woods)

The Shelmet apparently decided that we weren't a threat. Either that, or my compliment convinced it. Whatever the reason, the Bug-type seemed to ignore us, so I shrugged and followed Ivy past. It wasn't long until I heard a buzzing sound, and my heart leapt into my throat. Was it a Scyther, one that hadn't heard my voice disk?

My excitement nearly made me miss the sudden dip in the path - it was only the sound of Ivy's shoes beginning to slip on the small rocks. I concentrated and whooshed down the slope at my Ranger's heels. The Archen followed, making adorable squeaking noises each time it hit the ground.

At the bottom of the slope a small Karrablast was running backwards and forwards. Before I could tell Ivy that I wasn't interested in this one either, she called out to it. It stopped running and looked over at us curiously.

"Want to battle this one?" Ivy asked me.

"No thanks, I already have an Escavalier, a trade from a good friend actually," I replied. My hand unconsciously lowered to my pack, preparing to throw a doll if this Pokemon was a little bit more insistent on protecting its territory than the Shelmet had been.
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