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The Fire Blast when whizzing toward the water, and Elena's eyes went wide as stream erupted from the water's surface. It arced upward, and the gases swirled together to form a cloud that hovered over the field like it tended to do in the kitchen. To her surprise, tiny drops of water began to fall from the man-made cloud, and she could hardly believe it actually worked.

Toshiro wasted no time. He took the energy he gathered to himself and sent it outward. A huge thunderbolt came streaking down from the sky, illuminating the field and kicking up sand and dirt, obscuring the Slowbro from sight. Elena coughed a little and covered her face with an arm, waiting for the dust to settle.

When it did, the Water-type was no where in sight. Her first reaction was that the Pokémon had fled and that all their work was for nothing, but that didn't seem right. Then something clicked in her mind. Slowbro was under the ground.

“Toshiro,” she called, “I think he's using a Dig attack. We have to be really careful. He could pop out at any second.”

Her brain thought furiously to come up with something good enough to keep her Jolteon save from harm. Since he had pretty frail defenses, moves that worked with the ground did a lot of damage to him. It was a pity she hadn't had time to teach the Magnet Rise technique to him yet; that would've came in handy.

Finally, she thought of something that might work. She reached into a vest pocket to pull out a Super Ball in preparation. Slowbro would hopefully be worn down a bit, and to prevent it from trying to do any more damage to her Pokémon, now was a good of time as any to try and catch him.

“Toshiro, use your Agility again. Try not to stay in the same place too long. Hopefully Slowbro's moving slower under the dirt, so if you're gone before he can pop out under you, you can avoid his attack. Put up some Reflect screens as you go. We need to be able to watch the whole field like once, and we can use them like mirrors. Five should do it.” Reflect also tended to deflect physical based attacks a little too, so if Slowbro happened to hit one, it would lessen the blow.

The Jolteon stretched for a second before shooting off, weaving around the battlefield in no sort of pattern. Elena saw the air shimmer in different places, hopefully the start of his screens. She waited until he had a good pace going before she shouted out at him, “When he comes up, hit him with a weakened Thundershock! It should hopefully stun him enough so I can throw this.” She held the Super Ball up so he could see and then waited for the Water-type. If it didn't work, she could just try again.


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